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Recommendation for Seabird Island Education Department / Seabird College on Facebook
23 May 2015

Naomi F.: IN NEED OF A JOB! ive done the free reign, indeed, and craiglist. is there anywhere in hope looking for a great hard working person to hire? customer services, home care, house keeping,
Lyn K.: Seabird was looking for a receptionist as well..call 604 796 2177 and ask for the employment office
Recommendation for Skawahlook First Nation on Facebook
21 Nov 2014

Merna G.: I am new to Hope and starting a little cooking business. I will be selling my wares at the Farmer's market in Hope. Looking for a restaurant that would let me cook one or two nights a month. I need a very small space to store frozen soups on the premises as well. Fraser Health Authority requires that I cook and store products in an approved commercial kitchen. Right now my facility is in White Rock, too far to drive. Is there anyone willing to help me out? I am willing to pay a monthly fee.
Emily S.: Contact me at www.skawahlook.com or emily@skawahlook.com We are in Ruby Creek, about 15 minutes outside of Hope. Not sure if that would work, but we have a beautiful commercial kitchen available.
Recommendation for Sto:Lo Nation on Facebook
03 Oct 2014

Marie P.: Where do you bring your babies to get their vaccination done?
Nikita J.: (604) 858-3366 ask for Carmen she's the health nurse and get everything ready for u :)
Recommendation for Aboriginal Team Circle 3 on Facebook
25 Aug 2013

Madelyn'S J.: I'm hoping with this post someone local can provide me with some information or might even know someone that can help me out. My babysitter decided to up and quit on us yesterday. This puts us in a very hard place especially since right now I need to be at work because we are still trying to recover financially from all the time off I had to take while Mady was in the hospital. We are behind on everything and I need to work to help our family out so the option to stay home isn't there. Does anyone local to us know a good daycare or someone that could do daycare for us? We don't qualify for daycare subsidy ( we applied but were denied) and I would need to find something for 3 out of my 4 kids ( 1 schools aged and 2 toddlers). We would prefer to try to find someone that could come to our home to watch the kids as it would be easier but at this point i'm in such a bind i'm willing to look at all options. If anyone can provide me with links for resources or knows someone looking to babysit or can provide us any help at all please let me know. I need to find something and fast as I work Monday ( i'm at work right now but daddy is at home with the kids). Any help at all would be appreciated!
Love F.: Did you ever look at IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR PARENTS IN CANADA WITH CRITICALLY ILL CHILDREN THE GOVERNMENT IS EXPANDING SICK BENEFITS FOR PARENTS "The Canadian Government have made changes to the Employment Insurance Act to support parents of critically ill children for upto 35 weeks, instead of the usual 15 weeks of sick benefits. I thought it may be something you would mention as it would apply to many other parents who are like me taking time from work to look after their ill child. More information can be found at www.servicecanada.gc.ca. Thanks and have a good day. Bienvenue Service Canada | Welcome to Service Canada www.servicecanada.gc.ca

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