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Recommendation for Alcoholics Anonymous on Facebook
16 Aug 2014

Tracie L.: Where can I find AA meetings here in town? Just moved here.
Lisa J.: You can go to and it has a list of the meeting times and locations. If you would like more info just pm me.
Recommendation for Inner Visions Recovery Society on Facebook
02 Jan 2014

Kelly S.: Hi Neighbours! Does anyone know of a place where I can donate women's clothes...all good condition and good for work/office wear. I'm looking for a women's shelter or transition house or something along those lines. Perhaps for young women looking to start work? I have shoes too. Thanks!
Claire E.: for more information on Hannah House located here in Maple Ridge
Claire E.: There's Hannah House. They have a FB page. I went through there 6 years ago and the ladies there really enjoy getting new clothes for job interviews. That place changed my life and I am still grateful for the many donations I received while there.

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