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Review for Stephens & Holman on Whodoyou
28 Jun 2021

Stephens & Holman was great.
Review for Taylor & Blair on Whodoyou
23 Sep 2020

I used the firm of Taylor & Blair with my personal injury case that was settled in the last year. Although it took a number of years to get resolved which is standard on large cases, I was pleased with what the firm did for me. There are a great many challenges in a personal injury case, particularly when there are as many injuries to deal with such as mine. I know that Taylor & Blair, went above and beyond for me and they understood the struggles I was going through, particularly my lawyer David Goldberg. I feel they pushed hard when it was appropriate. I know people say that they could have done just as good without a lawyer and saved all the fees, but I do not believe that because there were a number of issues I would not have known could have been brought into my case without the assistance of a lawyer. Taylor & Blair have the expertise and the research background of previous cases to draw on to assist in the argument of settlement. I dont know if anyone really feels that they got enough in a settlement, particularly when dealing with an insurance company and especially when they have lost everything, but I believe I got the best settlement that could be arrived at for my situation. I went through Examination for Discovery and a Mediation first, which in and of itself, were extremely difficult, but we were able to come to a settlement without going to court which would have been an even longer process and even more stressful and much more difficult than what I had already experienced in Examination & Mediation. I would definitely recommend the firm of Taylor & Blair for your personal injury caseSharon
Review for Stephens & Holman on Whodoyou
19 Jun 2019

Well I appreciate Stephens & Holman recommendation that they gave me for the lawyer and everything's going fine and I hope you keep up the good work. Thank you very much by.
Review for Stephens & Holman on Whodoyou
13 May 2019

My experience is very informative and I have been kept up to date and I appreciate Stephens & Holman Services, thank you.
Review for Taylor & Blair on Whodoyou
10 Apr 2019

I had a really good experience with Taylor & Blair Personal Injury Lawyers. It was really smooth and lawyer was very communicative and he really helped me out. Had a good experience with them, thanks.
Review for Cbm Lawyers Llp on Whodoyou
28 Mar 2019

Experience with Campbell Burton & McMullan was good.
Review for Cbm Lawyers Llp on Whodoyou
28 Oct 2018

Campbell Burton & McMullan have been amazing! they've settled a few things for me and they've just been the best and the most amazing. I trust them with anything. I recommend Campbell Burton & McMullan to everybody, thank you.
Review for Cbm Lawyers Llp on Whodoyou
08 Oct 2018

dealing with Campbell Burton & McMullan was OK.
Review for Taylor & Blair on Whodoyou
28 Sep 2018

These are awesome attorneys!

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