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Review for Newlands Golf & Country Club on Directory
29 Nov 2022

Pre-covid, I had taken friends to the Sunday brunch at Newlands because it offers a good variety of food that will accommodate different food preferences for my guests. Also, the service was good. I was an invited guest last November 19. Most of us had been there before. We were so disappointed with the menu. The desserts were from Costco and I would also guess that the Thai chicken wings and the beef stroganoff were bought from there. There was limited menu - less than what you would get from a food court. Worst is the service. We had to flag the server who kept saying 'I'll be with you' and needed to be flagged again. We try not to say anything to our host but we eventually made our negative comments and strongly recommended that no tip be left. We are all generous tippers. I even give cash tip to our server besides the tip in the invoice. This is an insult to the customers to think that we would not know the difference. I might add also that I ordered Coke and specified 'real' coke. I was given Pepsi which I knew right away from the first sip that it was not Coke. I sent it back. I will never recommend this restaurant to anybody anymore. I know that graduation dinners are held there. I will let them know of this experience. The rating below is only for stars and I am forced to click on 1 star to continue. Please ignore that star. It is not deserved.
Recommendation for Bella Vita on Facebook
02 Apr 2017

Shelley A.: Hi neighbours...I'm looking for recommendations for the best prime rib restaurant around, It's my daughter's birthday later this week and that's what she's asked for as her birthday meal.
Duffy M.: Bellavita It is a great place for a nice birthday dinner and really a great prime rib dinner at reasonable prices
Recommendation for Andreas Restaurant on Facebook
19 Feb 2017

Lorna W.: thanks for reccomendations. have looked into them, but still confused on where to go for dinner tonight. preferably somewhere that serves carvery and the normal menu, but at tea-time. maybe south of the Island as in-laws staying in Castletown, Help!
Loobylou W.:
Recommendation for Newlands Golf & Country Club on Facebook
28 Jan 2016

Barbara B.: OK question that I am not sure anyone here can answer but you never know unless you try right? I am looking for a good Sunday Brunch place in Surrey for this weekend. I've done the online search thing with next to know luck unless I want to pay $30 plus and that's kinda out of my price range. I tried the Sheraton who offered one at $19 but they have stopped offering that "for now". Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Marty V.: It is a nice place, and decent food for sure, but you are close to that $30 pp price. What area of Surrey andwhat is your desired PP price?
Recommendation for Royal Hotel on Facebook
01 Sep 2014

Jack C.: A little off topic but....... What is the oldest restaurant in chilliwack?
Sharon H.:
Recommendation for Greater Vancouver Zoo on Facebook
25 Mar 2014

Erin B.: where can I find coupons for the zoo
Kim E.: Here's the link to the cellphone deal. it's ongoing. I looked at the coupon book at Costco 2 weeks ago, it didn't have the coupon:
Nicole V.: Discounts & Greater Vancouver Zoo Coupons 1.Get the Entertainment Book which offers thousands of dollars worth of discounts and coupons including coupons good for buy 1 get 1 free admission to the Greater Vancouver Zoo. 2.Check the daily deal / coupon sites like Groupon where you can sometimes get savings of 50% or more on tickets to the Greater Vancouver Zoo. 3.If you are a student just show your student ID at the ticket window and they will offer you $2 off your general admission ticket. 4.If you are bringing the entire family to the Greater Vancouver Zoo then get the family pass, which for a family of 5 saves you over $20 on your total admission costs to the zoo. 5.If you are a senior be sure to mention this at the ticket window and you can save $5 off your general admission ticket. 6.There are group discounts available for groups of 15 or more people. At last check you can save as much as $5 per person with the group discount rate. 7.Get an annual membership to the Greater Vancouver Zoo. A family membership actually pays for itself in less than 3 visits. 8.Get the Edmonton Valley Zoo Pass which gets you free or reduced admission to multiple zoos in Canada and the United States and includes admission to the Greater Vancouver Zoo. 9.Check the calendar for special dates in the year where those with disabilities can get into the Greater Vancouver Zoo at a discounted rate. At last check they offer a $5 discount for those with disabilities. The discount also applies to the special needs assistants. 10.Check with Tourism Burnaby. They do offer a few coupons for area attractions and have included a coupon for the Greater Vancouver Zoo in the past. 11.If you are a member of the Vancouver Aquarium just show your membership card and you will receive a 20% discount on your admission to the Greater Vancouver Zoo.

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