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Latest reviews for local Bar & Grill Restaurants

Recommendation for Townhall Maple Ridge on Facebook
16 Jun 2017

Heather L.: Can anyone recommend a good family friendly brunch place in maple ridge area? Thanks!!!!
Jessica W.: Townhall Public House Maple Ridge $4 breakfast
Recommendation for Cookie's Grill on Facebook
22 May 2017

Sarah B.: Can anyone recommend a delicious, friendly catering company that does weddings??? My friend is getting married this summer. She is hoping for a buffet style dinner for her guests.
Bryan P.: Cookies Grill.
Rachel W.: Cookies Grill
Mel W.: Cookies grill.....I attended a wedding in September that they catered and food was delicious
Recommendation for Kingfishers on Facebook
20 Jul 2016

Alyx L.: Any suggestions on a nice restaurant in ridge that isn't a chain? Thanks!
Kmarie P.:
Recommendation for 256th Street Grill The on Facebook
19 Jun 2016

Ian O.: anyone know of a good breakfast spot near 240th?? can be an IHOP type place, or a small hole in the wall... thanks!
Steve B.: 256 th Street Grill (formerly Log Cabin Grill). Lots of character
Recommendation for Brixton Restaurant & Bar on Facebook
24 Aug 2015

Tanehja J.: Best place to order in? Looking for good portions please and thanks on the chilliwack side
Cody C.: Brixton 6044024222 they have delivery now. Awesome food!
Recommendation for Lou's Grill on Facebook
27 Jul 2015

Robyn A.: Where is the best place to eat dinner in Abbotsford
Christy K.:
Robyn M.: Restaurant 62 or Lou's Grill
Recommendation for Brixton Restaurant & Bar on Facebook
02 Feb 2015

Denise D.: Going out tonight with a girlfriend. Need recommendations for a place with good food/drinks and atmosphere. Thanks!
Kelsey K.: You can check out the Facebook page Brixton restaurant & lounge, or the website is where you can see the full menu!
Recommendation for Cookie's Grill on Facebook
23 Jan 2015

Bonnie C.: I am looking for a good caterer. Any recommendations?
Bryan P.: cookies grill
Marlene S.: Cookies Grill
Skylar B.: Cookies Grill.....excellent service!!
Recommendation for Cookie's Grill on Facebook
13 Sep 2014

Pat R.: Looking for a restaurant, other than Ricki's that serves perogies.
Lisa D.: Pat Reimer
Ann W.: Cookies grill
Angie A.: Definitely Cookies Grill. Yale Rd. West. In the same parking lot as the mini storage.

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