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Recommendation for Serenity Design on Facebook
30 May 2017

Kristi R.: ***Help! *** My daughter is graduating this Saturday & had her hair done today, what was supposed to be a beautiful balyage turned into this! She spent a fortune & is devastated! If you can fix this or recommend someone local that can? Please let me know! Thank you in advance!
Sharon E.: Definitely Lily .... at Serenity Unisex Hair Salon & Spa .. 130, 23980 Kanaka Way Ph: (604) 380-0045
Recommendation for Serenity Design on Facebook
27 Jun 2016

Belynda H.: Anybody know the name of the new salon on 240?
Betty M.: the name is Serenity Unisex Hair and Salon phone number is: (604)-380-0045
Recommendation for Indulgence Soulful on Facebook
21 Mar 2013

Raising N.: Advice Please! Repost from Anonymous I saw on Dr Oz today some great info on Oil of Oregano. Does anyone know if this is the same as oregano essential oil? If it is different, does anyone have a brand they recommend? Not for essential oils, just oil of oregano. Thanks.
Michelle W.: It's expensive. Different from essential oil. Oil of oregano us typically in a base of olive oil. Works great, taste nasty and burns a bit, but I always say that's cause it's working at killing the bacteria. This stuff is gold. And heed any contraindications! Cheers

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