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Recommendation for River's Edge The on Facebook
10 Oct 2017

Thomas H.: My wife and I are common law right now but are getting married in January. We've got a lot of stuff looked after and decisions made but haven't figured out the honeymoon yet so I'm looking for suggestions. We'd like to go somewhere that is adult only, not extremely expensive and relatively close. Does anyone have suggestions for us?
Shannon L.: I haven't been here myself yet but lookung into it as i hear its beautiful and relaxing
Recommendation for South Garden Bed & Breakfast on Facebook
11 Apr 2016

Toni B.: Does anyone have any suggestions for cute little B&B's around the lower main land area away from Chilliwack. More towards Vancouver?
Nicole S.:
Recommendation for River's Edge The on Facebook
05 Feb 2014

Rebecca H.: Planning a family reunion for July 2015. 35+ people. Any suggestions for resorts that would accommodate groups that size? All ages - senior through infant. Looking to go for a week and have options for relaxing, sight seeing, adventure type stuff... Preferably Canada or USA but open to places outside those parameters as well.
Marj L.: Harrison Mills BC

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