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Recommendation for Say It With Cake on Facebook
19 Apr 2016

Christy T.: Does anyone know of any good cake decorating classes!? Preferably in chilliwack, but will go to abby if need be. It's something I am really interested in doing. Thanks.
Carmen M.: Say it with Cake Co - Abbotsford BC ;)
Recommendation for Reddy Made Cakes on Facebook
12 Feb 2015

Cindy D.: My mum turns 85 next week and I want to get a bday cake done by a professional so it can be decorated very cool.. I find that places like Safeway or save on are kinda flavourless, and the icing is wayyyyy to think and sweet. Does anyone know of a home based person. Or any suggestions??? Thank you!!!
Candace T.:
Recommendation for Say It With Cake on Facebook
16 Jan 2015

Erika P.: Looking for a place that will take a picture I print and put it on a simple plain birthday cake. I think DQ and safeway used to but it's been years since I've done it...suggestions??
Hilda P.: There's a place in abby I go to for that. It's called Say it with Cake. 2790 allwood street. 604-853-2253. The guy is super nice and he will Google any character and print off a clear pic for you:)
Recommendation for Dairy Queen on Facebook
16 Nov 2012

Brian G.: Another restaurant this one Denny's threatening to cut employee hours because of the Affordable Care Act. Given Denny's horrible image among many people of color because for years they would not provide African American customers with good customer service in their southern restaurants the last thing they need to do is oppose President Obama's signature legislative achievement.
John R.: Denny's: 1-800-733-6697 Dairy Queen: (952) 830-0200 Applebees: 888-592-7753
John R.: Don't bother looking for this franchise owner's contact information. He's already proven to be a dick and just won't care. He owns 40 Denny's and multiple Dairy Queens. Call their corporate offices and ask how they feel about being the collateral damage nationally due to the actions of one franchisee. Do NOT let them use the tired excuse of not being responsible for the actions of individual locations.

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