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Recommendation for Sherry's Carpathian Kitchen on Facebook
19 Apr 2017

Raylene B.: Best local place that sells pirogies, shepards pie, basically comfort food?
Tina D.:
Recommendation for Tim Hortons on Facebook
31 May 2016

Sharon B.: Are there any meeting spaces in town that could hold 12 people. For a low cost instructional class? Hoping to find a space for a Saturday this month?
Lori G.: Also, check with Barb Drummond -- she has a great place in Grimshaw at the Grimshaw Business Center. 7803321580
Recommendation for Vault Restaurant on Facebook
19 Mar 2016

Victoria O.: What are your favourite local restaurants, coffee shops, or places to grab lunch or dinner? I'm getting sick of the corporate stores like Cactus Club, Earls, etc. and am looking for some smaller, independent food spots in the Langley area that are delicious :) (Langley Township and Cloverdale area only please, otherwise this is too broad)
Stacey L.:
Recommendation for Mcjac's Roadhouse Grill on Facebook
14 Mar 2016

Colleen P.: ***Caterer Recommendations*** My wedding is this summer at a barn in Tsawwassen. Can anyone recommend a caterer who is able to cater without a kitchen on site? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
Jessica T.: Roadhouse Grille Catering in south surrey! We do an amazing gourmet burger bar where we bring the BBQ and cook on site! Check us out!!
Recommendation for Hope Local House Ltd on Facebook
24 Jan 2016

Jill D.: Does anyone know the phone number for the Silver Chalice Pub? 860-4442 is not in sevice. TIA
Paul T.: here it is (604) 869-0576
Recommendation for Sherry's Carpathian Kitchen on Facebook
20 Aug 2015

Dayna Z.: Looking for a restaurant to cater on Dec 4th. 75-80 ppl. Must have one vegetarian option.... would like price to be around 18-20 a person. Any Ideas???
Tina T.: Sherry's Carpathian Kitchen serves up a delicious meal. They catered my daughters wedding and the food was great. As with most caterers they always try to give you a menu that will work within your budget... I suggest you contact them for a quote.
Recommendation for Rivers Restaurant on Facebook
13 Nov 2014

Judy S.: ISO a nice restaurant in Yarrow to take a friend for lunch on her birthday thanks.. :-)
Tina T.: Yarrow really is not a bust if you check out or Both located in the heart of Yarrow. :)

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