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Review for Golden Ears United Church on Directory
26 May 2023

Since when a Christian Church and Christ is preaching to change sex and promote sex and adultery?!?!? What a SHAME! You and your priest are either very confused about Christ's values or married the evil and his agenda. People wake up! There is nothing bad supporting a person even if he turned the wrong way. Church should help these people find their peace where they are right now in life and help them to turn on the right way (if this is what they want) but church should not promote this depopulation agenda! We need normal families comprised of a man and a woman that in love with god can bring more souls into this world. LGBT couples cannot do what was intended by God!
Recommendation for St George's Anglican Church on Facebook
28 Sep 2017

Roberto C.: Hi everyone. I'm wondering if anyone has a wheelchair around the house that they don't need anymore or can recommend a place where I can get one asap. My grandfather needs one-hopefully temporarily only. I can either buy it or rent it or if don't really need it, I'd take it and keep in passing it to others. Let me know. Thanks.
David E.: We have a spare wheelchair at St George Maple Ridge. If you give the office a call 604 463 9622 or send a message through the website you can borrow it free of charge.
Recommendation for Grace Baptist Church on Facebook
20 Dec 2016

Hilary P.: My mom is new to town and wants to attend a Christmas Eve candle light mass. Does anyone know if the united church has a service?
Stefan V.: I know Grace Baptist will have one:
Recommendation for Maple Ridge Baptist Church on Facebook
16 Nov 2016

Lori K.: Does anyone know when u can apply for the Xmas hamper where they help families in need with food and gifts for kids ?? I've fallen threw some very hard times and need some help if avail Ty
Wendy Y.: you are welcome to come next Tuesday to Petals
Recommendation for Loft Church The on Facebook
06 Apr 2016

Alison C.: I'm looking for a summer camp for my daughter and her pony, where they can stay and learn more about natural horsemanship and riding, and jumping. Anyone have any recommendations or experiences?
Deb D.: Not sure how you' feel about one with a religious tone, or if they will let her bring her own pony, but The Loft has children's camps ...its in Aldergrove, on 248 th St...she would get good instruction there I think. Sherrie rode in youth classes with my daughter.
Recommendation for St Thomas Anglican Church on Facebook
30 Oct 2014

Lori D.: Hi we're doing a vendor fair in the hall at St. Thomas Anglican Church (off of first Abe) on November 15th from 9-1. We're still looking for vendors to fill up out tables. It's $25 for a table. Some tables will have access to power so if you need one of those please. You'll be responsive for any power cords etc. required. If you know of anybody who might like a table please pass along my name and ask them to message me.:) THANK YOU!:)
Lori D.: Sure, but phone first to make sure someone is here. 604-799-3988 is the ministers number. I know he'll not be here for sure between noon-2.
Recommendation for King's Community Church on Facebook
26 Mar 2014

Practical H.: Michell Kirk Tackett asked, "I would love suggestions for science, math, reading, language arts, and history curriculum for a 3rd grader who has been diagnosed with dyslexia and dyscalculia. She currently reads on about a first-grade level. "She is extremely the point where she almost can not resist drawing, coloring, or underlining on her worksheets. "I'm thinking that hands-on, computer based, and audio subjects may be best. "Any suggestions are appreciated!"
Tammy F.: Real phonics is an awesome start. Mine had a preliminary diagnosis with dyslexia too. Once we hit the real phonics there were no problems.
Recommendation for Focus On The Family on Facebook
01 Aug 2013

Practical H.: Holly Morris Shook asked, "What character training curriculum would you recommend? I am looking for one that is scheduled out well."
Linda R.: FREE!!

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