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Review for Wiggins Adjustments Ltd on Directory
23 Mar 2022

Wiggins (W) does not listen or forward information to the company that hired them. To date, we have left a detailed voice message, that included the information below. We spoke once with an agent who had phoned, and conveyed this information to her as well. We called Wiggins a third time recently but they couldn’t find our file in their system and hung up on us! They just keep calling to demand payment. Specifically, W was hired by Checkpoint Plumbing (CP), a company my elderly Mum hired. The owners of the company live in her neighbourhood and said they could help her with a list of issues she had. Some of the problems that came were: 1. CP was hard to book. 2. CP did eventually come to fix her furnace, but the fix didn’t last. When asked to come back again they dragged their feet, in the middle of winter, before claiming they didn’t have anyone to send and also tried to blame the issues on our nest thermostats. I eventually found another company, Valleyshore Plumbing (VP) & they were able to come identify and fix the issue and since then it works fine. It cost us more money to get VP out to fix CP’ failure. 3. CP installed a new tap in the kitchen but it’s always dripping. The new hose is also inferior & kinks easily. CP acknowledged by email the need to get a 2nd tap & said we didn’t have to pay until the issue was resolved. CP never dealt with this issue. 4. CP was supposed to provide us with a quote to replace a laundry room sink. It even said this in their invoice but to date we never received a quote & we still have an unusable sink in the laundry room. 5. CP quoted us to replace the furnace & hot water tank. Quotes provided were between $7-10,000. VP said the fixed furnace didn’t need replacement, and replaced the hot water tank for under $2,000. CP had suggested a tankless system but VP noted that in times when you have power outages you end up without hot water… a point we never considered, but the power does often go out during storms. Anyways, had CP came out to look at the furnace when asked, we probably would have hired them to replace the entire system. 6. In our last call with CP we made it clear we would pay once they dealt with all outstanding issues and made an adjustment to their overall bill as they failed to fix the furnace, and wouldn’t come back to look at it again, resulting in us having to hire another company to fix their mistakes. Clearly, CP isn’t interested in doing any of this though, as they simply forwarded the issue to Wiggins Collections. The only reason we haven’t paid is for these issues listed above. We are willing to pay some amount but definitely not the full amount. In response to our expressing this to Wiggins they then threatened to take us to court within 5 days if we didn’t pay. It’s been months now since they said this and they still haven’t filed anything with CRT here in BC. They are uncooperative and just want people to pay. They refuse to consider the issues we have tried to express to them. If I was in business, and needed to collect, I would not use Wiggins. I wouldn’t hire Checkpoint either - it ultimately shows how you should never hire a neighbour. My Mum had felt sorry for them because they said their van had been broken into and a lot of their equipment taken. That was a huge reason my Mum hired them to begin with: to help them out.
Recommendation for Wiggins Adjustments Ltd on Twitter
09 Dec 2015

Beckytroelstra: Putting this out there since I have limited experience - anyone have a referral for a good collections agency?
Dave I.: I used this company years ago and was pleased. No recent activity with them thou.
Recommendation for Becker & Company on Facebook
13 Feb 2014

Tyler R.: Anyone have a good notary or lawyer they would recommend for land title conveyance at a fair price?
Greg M.: i forget how much it cost but i used beaker and co when i bought my place. thing that i was told is that if everything goes fine a notary will save you some money, however if things go sideways you will need to hire a lawyer. so it was suggested to me that i use a lawyer from the start.

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