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Recommendation for Once Upon A Child on Facebook
06 Nov 2014

Jessica B.: Hello! Driving by on the hwy the other day I saw a Baby/Kids Furniture store had opened on United Blvd. Does anyone know the name? I can't find it on google :o(
Kirstin H.: I think it's right by Baby's World. At least I think so from the signs.
Steph M.: The store is once upon a child
Karla C.: Once Upon A Child and they do have a Facebook page too where they post deals and such. I think they just posted they got new Frozen Merchandise in the other day.
Recommendation for Sports Replay on Facebook
14 Jul 2014

Laura C.: I've been told before, but totally forgot the website! We're looking for used gear.. chest guard, shirt etc. Where would one go for that? We looked at a few shops in Langley but came up dry :S
Leigh P.: usually has lots of used gear.
Recommendation for Once Upon A Child on Facebook
16 Sep 2013

Iggy A.: Hi Just wondering if anyone knows of anywhere to get used costumes for kids or does anyone have a Dorothy from the wizard of Oz costume for kids Size 11 12 age 8 ?
Margaret B.: Once upon a child in Langley might have them. I know that they have lost of great stuff their. 604-510-6822
Recommendation for Ciao Bambini Consignment Ltd on Facebook
27 Oct 2012

Christina C.: Anyone know where you can buy those amber teething necklaces?
Wendy C.: Thanks Crissy! Christina Conroy King our hours are on our page and we also have photos of the necklaces.
Recommendation for Sports Replay on Facebook
07 Feb 2012

Adrienne V.: So I am going to give this a shot....looking for kids skis and boots for a 3yr old and 6yr old. Or if anyone has any suggestions as to where to go? Any info would be great! Thanks in advance:)
Cecile M.:

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