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Recommendation for Sweet Leilani Cosmetics on Facebook
11 Feb 2018

Michelle C.: Favorite companies?
Anna A.: Sweet Leilani
Recommendation for Sweet Leilani Cosmetics on Facebook
18 May 2017

Lisa L.: Where can I buy vegan makeup without any of the metals/oxides in?
Anna A.: I just recently purchased makeup from Sweet Leilani and I love it. Vegan and amazing! Can't recommend it enough. The foundation rocks and the eye shadows are beautiful.
Recommendation for Sweet Leilani Cosmetics on Facebook
02 May 2017

Teressa C.: tattoo coverup needed asap!! need ideas please and thank you!!!
Amanda F.:
Recommendation for P3 Products Ltd on Facebook
28 Feb 2014

Jess R.: I'm looking for a local Summerland, preferably female, must be RMT. anyone know anyone?
Lorrie F.: I've misplaced her card but I met an RMT who is working with the naturopath that is right on the corner of Wharton and Henry. I met her at Business After Business this month when it was down at the Women's Place Gym. In the meantime....check out www.p3 for a safe and all natural muscle and joint cream. You can purchase it locally at Shoppers or the Medicine Centre.

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