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Recommendation for Centrestage Dance on Facebook
30 Oct 2017

Derek P.: Hi guys, does anyone have a recommendation for a dance class for my 4 year old daughter?
Courtny T.: I can absolutely get you some information on classes available for 4 year olds at CentreStage Dance! For that age group with offer Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop. Feel free to PM me, or email me at what youre interested in and Ill get you all the information.
Recommendation for Chilliwack Dance School on Facebook
01 May 2017

Jamie G.: Any recommendations for dance classes for our 2 year old son... there are so many studios in chilliwack! Thank you
Sabrina B.: Chilliwack Dance School
Recommendation for Evolutionz Dance Studio on Facebook
28 Dec 2016

Katie S.: Hello! I was just wondering if anybody out there could recommend a good dance place in chilliwack to register my 5 year old daughter for any type of dance. Thanks so much. :)
Melanie W.:
Recommendation for Silver-Hope Dance Academy on Facebook
28 May 2016

Amber D.: Anyone know if there's any hip hop dance lessons in hope?
Crystal L.:
Crystal L.: Yes, Silver-Hope Dance Academy offers recreational and competitive hip hop instruction for 5-adult. We have CDTA accredited faculty. 3 of our faculty have been on Team Canada Hip Hop and have competed at the international level. If you have any questions please contact me, Amber Dewinter.
Recommendation for Dance Barn Studio on Facebook
14 Nov 2015

Meghan B.: Looking for suggestions for hip hop dance classes for a 4.5yo boy in Langley/ Walnut Grove. Nothing competitive, just a kid with good rhythm who loves music and could benefit from some direction. :)
Kerry C.: highly recommend the breakdancing class with Jackie Agudo
Recommendation for Evolutionz Dance Studio on Facebook
21 Aug 2015

Krista S.: In search of a dance school for my 2.5 year old daughter. Any recommendations?
Evolutionz D.: Hi Krista! We offer classes for your little one! Visit our website or give us a call at 604.792.5528 and we would be happy to help you and have you join our studio/ family this year! Our office hours week to week are posted on our website. This week we are open Today (Thursday) 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm. If these hours do not work for you, send us an email and we can arrange a time for you to come down. :)
Recommendation for Project Dance on Facebook
24 Feb 2015

Chelsy K.: Wanting to put my daughter who's 7years old in a good dancing program after school but not too pricey. Wanting to know where is the best places in Chilliwack please send a link with info on sight!
Robbie M.:
Robbie M.: Project dance is awesome!!! Depending on you class is price but def good pricing my two daughters are in 4 classes pay under $100/month
Robbie M.: Project dance classes average $25-$35/ month it just depends on the class chosen and the length 30 min, 45 min 1 hr etc
Recommendation for Evolutionz Dance Studio on Facebook
27 Dec 2014

Brandyn B.: i know dance season is starting in september, but does anyone know any good places for good price? in chilliwack would be good INCLUDE PRICE IF POSSIBLE PLEASE :)
Noah P.:
Recommendation for Project Dance on Facebook
12 Sep 2014

Emily T.: Is there a good dance school/program for younger kids? My daughter will be three in December and I think she would love to be involved in something, not sure where to look though.
Amanda Q.: Thanks Keri and Kristine Emily for more info :)
Keri C.: I highly recommend Project Dance! My daughter is in her 4 th year (she's 7) and absolutely loves it there. Amazing teachers!
Kristine R.: I second Project Dance :)
Tanya L.: My daughter is 3 and starting Project Dance!
Erin H.: Project Dance :)
Carly G.: project dance!

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