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Review for San Cedar Direct Maple Ridge on Directory
01 Aug 2023

Rarely, if ever, do I give a business nor an eatery 5/5 review but this is one of those rare exceptions. The ethnic salesperson was informative, helpful and exuded high customer satisfaction. I lost an invoice (misplaced it) and a week later he found it in his filing system, and forwarded it to me as we shared 50/50 costs with a good neighbor on a fence needing fixing up. Thank you, salutes for a great job and a local business that does it right, like my family, to go beyond the call of duty.
Review for Tky Contracting on Directory
13 Jun 2023

It was a relatively small job, but I was impressed with the courtesy and professionalism of Tyler and his crew. If you appreciate careful work and a positive attitude, TKY is the company to call.
Recommendation for Integrity Contracting Ltd on Facebook
09 Sep 2017

Sara D.: I'm looking for a handyman to do some repairs on a Strata complex. I have had 4 people come out and give me quotes and then not follow-up when we want the work done! I need someone reliable that does good work and is actually able to complete the job. Thanks!
Melissa P.: Depending on the repairs my fiance T Andrew Sean Boire is very passionate about his work 604-378-1191 give him a call or text :)
Recommendation for Tky Contracting on Facebook
07 May 2016

Nathan V.: Ladies and Gents, I'm looking for some suggestions of great businesses for the following: painting walls / slotwall flooring (open to suggestions, high traffic, high durability needed) lighting (open ceiling, so hanging lights, retail light visibility) security features / systems (cameras, panic button, window rolling bars etc, bollards if I spelled it right, the concrete pillars to stop vehicle ramming) The space is appx 2400 sq feet. Please feel free to suggest a general contractor that can deal with all of this or provide quotes if you know of a good one! if you have any recommendations for this please let me know!
Andrew T.: for security give lucky a call at 24/7 security his number is 604-825-3333 let him know i told you to call. he is an awesome guy and for all other work you have asked about call up TKY contracting their number is 604-703-3875
Recommendation for Tky Contracting on Facebook
21 Mar 2016

Nathan V.: I'm looking for a good (companies) and or renovators for renovations Bastion Games. I've asked this before but the companies that I contacted either never responded or never ended up doing a quote. If you've had good experience with fairly priced renovators feel free to suggest them thanks!
Andrew T.: Tky Contracting, they are awesome and give good rates. 604-703-3875 they do renovations, commerical units, residential. you name it they do it
Recommendation for Tky Contracting on Facebook
26 Sep 2015

Barbara B.: Can any one suggest a good electrician to do a small job in a home? Seems we tried to wire in some new lights and a fan into the bathroom and things aren't going as well as they could in they don't work lol Hubby has finally thrown up his hands and announced it is time to hire a professional.
Andrew T.: guys at tky are awsome 604-703-3875 owners name is klarence. ( i think thats how you spell it)

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