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Recommendation for Edge Nutrition on Facebook
11 Jun 2016

Nanda O.: Does anyone know where i can buy this product locally if possible?
Montana B.: Edge nutrition should be able to order it in for you if you can't find it. 604 824 1018. Talk to greg :)
Recommendation for Edge Nutrition on Facebook
28 Sep 2015

Sasha S.: I need PH test strips that go up to 14. I ran out and cant find them anywhere! Tried 3 stores.... any ideas?
Montana B.: Have you tried edge nutrition! 604 824 1018
Recommendation for Nutrition House on Facebook
09 Jul 2015

Miranda C.: Moving next week and looking for moving boxes. Any suggestions or does anyone have some that we can take off their hands? Thanks in advance :)
Tony K.: We occasionally have some at the nutrition house. If we get an order and u call us and request that we save some we can leave them for you until the end of the day. Just mention my name. 4165319999
Recommendation for Pharmasave Health Centre on Facebook
04 Jan 2015

Darinka G.: Does anyone know where I can find these 3 ingredients? Chickpea miso, coconut amigos and sorghum flour?
Wendy M.: Pharmasave is open until noon. I would call them if I were you. 604-792-1240 let me know if to can't make it down I might be able help if they do have the ingredients but you can't make it down before noon...
Recommendation for Ppn Ltd Partnership on Facebook
10 Oct 2014

Danny D.: Hello, I live in Sacramento and will finally be picking up my Malinois next week. What is a great food for her, she's about 12 weeks old? Any great food provided by Costco? Also, can anybody recommend a great personal protection trainer that's local to me? Thanks for any information.
Elliegator S.: I feed PetCurean GO! ( it is THE highest quality kibble out there. This is how fit my spayed (harder to get a altered dog in shape), ACD mix got in 2 months.
Recommendation for Pantry Natural Foods The on Facebook
01 Mar 2014

Teegans T.: ISO a good Health food store other than Chilliwack????
Shannon L.:
Recommendation for Silver Hills Bakery on Facebook
18 Oct 2013

Julia S.: Does anyone know where I can get some good gluten free vegan bread that isn't full of sugar and crap haha?
Johanna J.: The Silver Hills gluten free breads are pretty good. They have a chia and omega flax... depends on what you define "good" as for bread. They are pretty dense. O'Dough's is more fluffy, but kind of nutritionally void whereas the Silver Hills breads are more healthful. The sugar content in both are pretty okay but do have a little bit of sugar in them.

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