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Review for Bin 101 Wine & Tapas Bar on Directory
10 Jun 2023

Add this restaurant to your list of good ones. The food is delicious and the service and ambiance are excellent. Try the avocado and shrimp tapas and the lamb popsicles.
Review for Bin 101 Wine & Tapas Bar on Directory
27 Nov 2022

Great food and excellent atmosphere.
Review for Bin 101 Wine & Tapas Bar on Directory
25 Oct 2022

Great service and the food is excellent.
Recommendation for 293 Wallace Street Restaurant on Facebook
02 Dec 2017

Amanda W.: Whats your favorite dinner restaurant in Hope??
Ulrike S.: For what occasion? If it's date night, I'd suggest http://www.293
Recommendation for Bella Vita on Facebook
02 Apr 2017

Shelley A.: Hi neighbours...I'm looking for recommendations for the best prime rib restaurant around, It's my daughter's birthday later this week and that's what she's asked for as her birthday meal.
Duffy M.: Bellavita It is a great place for a nice birthday dinner and really a great prime rib dinner at reasonable prices
Recommendation for Chameleon on Facebook
02 Sep 2016

Ginette T.: Any great places to go for Happy Hour for girls time that someone can recommend?
Sarah B.:
Recommendation for Chameleon on Facebook
29 Nov 2015

Shirley M.: Is there someplace nice to eat in this town with great food? I haven't been able to find one. I don't eat burgers, deep fried foods, foods covered with cheese. I also don't enjoy pub food, as it's always as above, and I don't enjoy the atmosphere much. I tend to avoid franchise restaurants, because the food is anyways very commercial and all tastes the same. I've tried Bella Vita but didn't enjoy the Oxo-disguised-au-jus on the prime rib. I had a very bad, not-to-be-repeated, meal at Frogstone. So, is there somewhere I haven't found where you can eat a well-prepared meal you wouldn't cook at home and enjoy a good glass of wine?
Maureen J.: Chameleon on 224 th! Sometimes LaTratorria Have't been able to get into Il Corsaro as of yet but heard it's lovely BUT need to plan well ahead I've tried the week ahead to get in but couldn't so we end up at either of the other two. La Trattoria we like to have their antipasto Platter and a glass of wine! with a Salad. (Caprese). There's also the Firehall Bistro in Pitt Meadows, The Loft at the Pitt Meadows Golf Course. Thats pretty much it if you prefer not pub food. Big Feast is Amazing BUT the atmosphere is more casual. Good luck!
Vicki C.: Chameleon on 24 th and the fireside in Pitt meadows
Chris L.: Chameleon on 224, frogstone grill on lougheed at 116 ave, kingfisher while it is a pub its not really pub food, big feast on 227, el casaro on dewdney and 223 ish area, are some of our gotos
Brandi E.: Chameleon on 224 th
Recommendation for Restaurant 62 on Facebook
07 Mar 2015

Amanda D.: ISO: Best Restaurants In The Lower Mainland!! Please list the restaurant below in comments with the name of the restaurant, the city where it's located, a link (optional), and a menu recommendation if you have one. Thank you, Admin. Amanda Deschamps
Amanda D.: Restaurant 62 Abbotsford Menu Recommendation: Everything :)
Recommendation for Bravo Restaurant & Lounge on Facebook
10 Aug 2014

Cody M.: A good romantic date-worthy restaurant? Kinda a special occasion, and I want it to be nice. Tia. :)
Samantha S.:

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