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Recommendation for Sto:Lo Nation Dental Clinic on Facebook
03 Nov 2015

Sienna J.: looking for a great dentist (sardis side) who is good with children and also good with adults afraid of the dentist lol. Thanks Previously went to vita dental but the receptionists are completely disrespectful. would like to go somewhere that has nice staff.
Barb V.: stolo dental and lisa is the receptionist 604 8243234
Recommendation for Seabird Island Education Department / Seabird College on Facebook
23 May 2015

Naomi F.: IN NEED OF A JOB! ive done the free reign, indeed, and craiglist. is there anywhere in hope looking for a great hard working person to hire? customer services, home care, house keeping,
Lyn K.: Seabird was looking for a receptionist as 604 796 2177 and ask for the employment office
Recommendation for Sto:Lo Nation Dental Clinic on Facebook
14 Apr 2015

Desiree T.: A dentist that will do payments ( I dont have any coverage and have a broken tooth that needs to be fixed before I get married ) HELP!
Corinne H.: Try stolo dental. They are so wonderful there 604-824-3234.
Recommendation for Sto:Lo Nation Dental Clinic on Facebook
09 Dec 2014

Sarah K.: A good dentist on the Sardis side? That's accepting new patients?
Barb V.: stolo dental 604 824 3234
Recommendation for Skawahlook First Nation on Facebook
21 Nov 2014

Merna G.: I am new to Hope and starting a little cooking business. I will be selling my wares at the Farmer's market in Hope. Looking for a restaurant that would let me cook one or two nights a month. I need a very small space to store frozen soups on the premises as well. Fraser Health Authority requires that I cook and store products in an approved commercial kitchen. Right now my facility is in White Rock, too far to drive. Is there anyone willing to help me out? I am willing to pay a monthly fee.
Emily S.: Contact me at or We are in Ruby Creek, about 15 minutes outside of Hope. Not sure if that would work, but we have a beautiful commercial kitchen available.
Recommendation for Sto:Lo Nation on Facebook
03 Oct 2014

Marie P.: Where do you bring your babies to get their vaccination done?
Nikita J.: (604) 858-3366 ask for Carmen she's the health nurse and get everything ready for u :)

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