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Recommendation for Mike's Reel Repair on Facebook
20 Aug 2017

Kirk G.: Hey guys and gals Im looking for the screw that holds the bearing in place on the bail of my reel,it's a Quantum Triax,lost the original in the boat somewhere,any repair place would be appreciated TIA.
Nathan M.: has pretty much anything
Recommendation for Mike's Reel Repair on Facebook
31 May 2016

Jordan M.: Lost the receipt for my Daiwa millionaire 300 and have stripped a couple of teeth off of one of the cogs inside. Anybody good with fixing shit like this, or have anybody they can recommend? Don't want to risk breaking more stuff trying to repair myself.
Lyn D.: Hope things work out for you with getting an exchange from Cabelas. If not here is a great Canadian site you can order parts from and even get the schematics for your reels. Hope this is helpful to some of you.
Recommendation for Mike's Reel Repair on Facebook
10 Apr 2016

Brennan C.: Anybody know any shops that can fix this before I screw it up anymore
Steven G.: Before you pay someone, take a breath and try your hands at it again. For starters, do you have the schematics? That's the first step in making sure everything is in its correct place. A current model should have schematics online, either at the Shimano sight or If you have all of the parts, you can put it back together. I'll gladly help you out and walk you through it.
Recommendation for Mike's Reel Repair on Facebook
15 Nov 2015

Skip D.: can anyone point me in the direction of someone that sells abu garcia reel parts. specifically a reel body for a 6500 ct mag. thanks
Chris T.: It takes awhile to get the parts though.
Recommendation for Chilliwack Dart & Tackle Shop on Facebook
21 Apr 2015

Keena M.: Firearms safety/restricted classes? I've googled but there's a number of places so I guess looking for any good experiences.. prices.. etc.
Nicholas M.: Call the shop (604-793-9922); ask for Sheri
Recommendation for Searun Fly & Tackle Ltd on Facebook
03 Oct 2013

Jennalee M.: Anyone know of a good spey cast instructor? ??
Jim A.: Or the guys at sea run , 604-931-5044 ,junior is certified

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