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Review for Great West Fitness & Tennis on Directory
17 Aug 2023

Do not waste your money. The place is run down and will make you sick. No certified trainers will work there. There is black mole everywhere. There is not staff trained in case of an emergency. They treat staff poorly. They steal from clients bank accounts.
Review for Anytime Fitness on Directory
20 Jun 2023

Staff are rude and ignore members. Minimal machines available during various hours in the day. Other members for the most part talk to trainers, take selfies, and loudly mock and laugh at other gym goers. Toxic environment - Stay away!!
Review for Anytime Fitness on Directory
22 Feb 2023

This is the best gym I've ever been to. What's not to like? - It was built from the ground up and is full of high-end equipment. - It's never too busy as it's open 24/7 and provides good security. - Trainers and staff are friendly and helpful. - Train on your own, join in classes or work with your own trainer. - It's very clean. What's missing? - I'd like to see more seniors join!
Review for Newlands Golf & Country Club on Directory
29 Nov 2022

Pre-covid, I had taken friends to the Sunday brunch at Newlands because it offers a good variety of food that will accommodate different food preferences for my guests. Also, the service was good. I was an invited guest last November 19. Most of us had been there before. We were so disappointed with the menu. The desserts were from Costco and I would also guess that the Thai chicken wings and the beef stroganoff were bought from there. There was limited menu - less than what you would get from a food court. Worst is the service. We had to flag the server who kept saying 'I'll be with you' and needed to be flagged again. We try not to say anything to our host but we eventually made our negative comments and strongly recommended that no tip be left. We are all generous tippers. I even give cash tip to our server besides the tip in the invoice. This is an insult to the customers to think that we would not know the difference. I might add also that I ordered Coke and specified 'real' coke. I was given Pepsi which I knew right away from the first sip that it was not Coke. I sent it back. I will never recommend this restaurant to anybody anymore. I know that graduation dinners are held there. I will let them know of this experience. The rating below is only for stars and I am forced to click on 1 star to continue. Please ignore that star. It is not deserved.
Recommendation for Epic Yoga & Fitness on Facebook
14 Nov 2017

Justin L.: Looking for a Yoga Studio recommendation. Im interested in starting Yoga to improve my flexibility and supplement my fitness program. Can anyone recommend a Yoga Studio? Thanks in advance!
Katie S.: I go to, and recommend, Epic Yoga Studio, on 228 th, just south of Lougheed.
Recommendation for Centrestage Dance on Facebook
30 Oct 2017

Derek P.: Hi guys, does anyone have a recommendation for a dance class for my 4 year old daughter?
Courtny T.: I can absolutely get you some information on classes available for 4 year olds at CentreStage Dance! For that age group with offer Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop. Feel free to PM me, or email me at what youre interested in and Ill get you all the information.
Recommendation for Chilliwack Pilates And Yoga Infusion Classes on Facebook
23 Sep 2017

Rachel Y.: Looking for a female personal trainer to help me with an 'at-home' workout program (weights and cardio) - thanks!!!
Lynsi S.:
Recommendation for Envision Fitness on Facebook
06 Aug 2017

Rebecca L.: Does anyone have a recommendation for a gym or personal trainer? I'm still recovering from a bad back injury so I need someone who has experience dealing with that. I also have a lot of weight to lose so the whole thing about being in the gym & that just makes me feel super uncomfortable.
Angela W.: Envision Fitness is amazing at working with ANY injury. Amazing group of people who are supportive and welcoming.
Steve D.: Hi Rebecca, I'm one of the owners at Envision Fitness. We specialize in helping people like you get to their goals while keeping their injury history in mind (back, shoulder, knee, etc). Our membership starts out with a meeting with one of our team to find out where you want to go and where you are starting from so that we can create the best plan for you to be successful. There are no fees associated with this meeting, and there is no obligation to sign up. We'd love to hear you out. You can set up an appointment by calling 604.457.4243
Sandy S.: Envision Fitness. I have had a sprained finger, broken toe and strained lcl this year and haven't missed a day at the gym as they modify anything to make it work for you and get a great workout. I would say 90% of their clients have some sort of injury that they work very hard to help with
Recommendation for Spin Room on Facebook
03 Aug 2017

Jessica G.: I'm looking for recommendations for a personal trainer. I already work out consistently but I would like someone to critique my form on compound lifts and some help customizing a weight lifting and running program for myself. I've just recovered from a knee injury. Would only need a few sessions initially and then perhaps monthly check ins to review progress. Thank you!
Maryssa S.: Xceed Training Centre

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