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Recommendation for Hope Garden Centre on Facebook
06 Apr 2017

Paul S.: Looking to purchase topsoil for my yard. Does anyone know who sells this and how much? Thank you in advance.
Pat M.: Hope Garden Centre across the bridge sells topsoil, you will have to call them on pricing. . 604-750-8152
Recommendation for Hope Garden Centre on Facebook
22 Mar 2017

Jessica H.: Is there anywhere local I can get a load of soil for my gardens?
Janet C.: Hope Garden Centre 604-750-8152
Julie N.: Just want to mention that dirt is really expensive! After making several calls I have decided to get the organic dirt from Hope Garden Centre. Yes, the most expensive. It is beautiful dirt. They will deliver up to 6 yards for a $40 fee. Their prices are much higher but when you figure in about $200 for delivery from Chilliwack or making 4 trips by pick up I think it is worth it. Buying local is always good.
Recommendation for Hope Garden Centre on Facebook
22 Mar 2017

Crystal B.: Iso: someone to level my yard.
Janet C.: Hope Garden Centre/KCR Bobcat 604-750-8152
Recommendation for Argyle's Garden Market on Facebook
07 Apr 2016

Irene F.: Best place to buy wisteria?, I drive in from Hope, so hoping someone knows a greenhouse that's good.
Kimmy J.: There were wisteria at Argyles just give them a call. 604 794 9884
Kimmy J.:
Recommendation for Hope Garden Centre on Facebook
10 Mar 2016

Susanne M.: Looking for local garden centre in hope in order to purchase sod. Anyone give me the phone number and where located. Thank you
Ryan D.: Located at pullout heading towards Boston Bar;
Recommendation for Sequoia Garden Centre on Facebook
31 Jul 2015

Marty V.: ISO: Nursery with a good selection of dwarf/semi-dwarf apple trees for sale (an other fruit trees). Minter has a lot, but looking for other options as well so I can compare price/health. Looking to plant mid-Sept depending.
Andelys P.: this is the place a bought from last year.I'm happy with them.Not positive about their selection this year
Recommendation for Minter Country Garden on Facebook
05 Jul 2015

Salina D.: I'm looking to buy vermiculite, peat moss and compost for the garden. (A bit late to the game I know.) I found vermiculite at home depot but it's quite pricey. Anybody know of a reasonably priced garden store that has these?
Alitha D.: Call Minter Country Gardens... (604) 792-6612
Recommendation for Hope Garden Centre on Facebook
14 May 2015

Megon A.: ;;Where can I find a place to get flowers for my mom? If theres anywhere open
Mary M.: I think Buy & Save has flowers and Cooper's probably will too. You could also try Hope Garden Centre at 604-750-8152. Not sure if they have cut flowers or not but they do have some beautiful baskets :)
Recommendation for Minter Country Garden on Facebook
16 Oct 2014

Mark J.: Hi. I'm in the process of moving back to Canada after many years overseas. I'll be starting a permaculture operation in the Chilliwack area and I'm just wondering which nurseries you can recommend as being permaculture friendly. I'm looking to start a food forest, so I'll need fruit and nut trees, berries of all kinds and useful plants like nitrogen fixers. Thanks! I look forward to meeting you at your monthly meeting once I'm back.
Raisa S.: A food forest in Chilliwack, how wonderful! I would recommend as a start, speaking with Brian Minter, owner of Minter Gardens Country Store. The store/nursery itself isn't necessarily geared towards permaculture, but he is highly approachable and extremely knowledgeable. If he doesn't have what you need, I'm sure he will point you in the right direction. His office door is open.

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