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Review for Tribrink Contracting Ltd on Directory
12 Sep 2023

Another unhappy payed customer funny they call you for the money you deliver your money it they won’t come Fox anything I guess coirt xase it is
Review for Hoogendoorn Homes on Directory
12 Jul 2023

I am happy with the job. Builder was knowledgeable, on time, and hired excellent trades. The job was finished on time. This contractor has good contacts to help complete all aspects of the job. Thank You!
Review for Hoogendoorn Homes on Directory
12 Jul 2023

This builder was prompt, knowledgeable, and hired excellent trades. The project was completed and I am happy with the results.
Review for Tribrink Contracting Ltd on Directory
28 Mar 2023

Another Malloway Village home owner here. We had several small issues that were not resolved during the warranty period at all. Inpropper hardware for installations is used throughout the home, poor craftmanship from local trade subcontractor. The customer service employee just has excuses and saying your warranty is up and it is comon practice. Basically no customer service. If you think to move into the Malloway Village please do so however ask the neighbors to point out issues they experienced before the warranty is up.
Review for Bell Mountain Construction Ltd on Directory
09 Jan 2023

My daughter bought a house 5 years ago from this builder and he is terrible! They have had nothing but problems with him not backing his product, blaming the one and only contractor that will work with him for faulty furnaces in ALL of his homes, him seeing up cameras to watch my daughter while she is fixing her fence and so on. The list is too long to list in this box! Then to top it all off, when she put in a review on google, on his business site which she is allowed to do as a consumer, be "unclaimed" his site so you can't see the review. She had even put in a Better Business report about him and he had it "vetted" by his lawyer. So when you buy a house from him in Lake Errock or anywhere else, be prepared for the following to occur. He won't back his product, he will take your money and refer you to his lawyer when he decides he doesn't want to speak to you anymore, he will install cameras aimed at your property to watch you so you don't walk onto his property for a LEGAL reason like fix your own fence. He will watch you on your own property and call the police if you do anything he doesn't agree with. Definitely don't deal with this man or you will have a headache for the rest of your life.
Review for Reid Taylor Construction Ltd on Directory
04 Nov 2022

Hi! I work concret carpenter about 3 years from 2006 year in "Red Taylor constraction" in Vancover . I want to now about my pension plan . Could you give that plan for me . My name Johann Gottmann. Email
Review for Tribrink Contracting Ltd on Directory
06 Feb 2022

They are building houses on malloway village. Mine is one of them! They are super slow!!! 2 months behind! Thats toooo long! They are blaming flood and covid! Flood had a bit to do with it but 2 months!!!???? I go weekly to check progress! None! Or very little! They got many 4-5 guys working on 10 houses needing to be built!!! Hire more guys and get on schedule!!!! Soooo disappointed ??
Review for Fpg Management Ltd on Directory
10 Dec 2021

Lindsay is rude and not understanding in the times of global product shortages, she expects the world to stop for her and service her needs when an issue is out of a trade suppliers hands. She is unrealistic and plan mean.. I feel for her husband.

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