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Recommendation for Sunnyside Greenhouses Ltd on Facebook
24 Mar 2018

Zombiehoffa: Opinions of garden centers in Calgary What do you guys recommend for garden centers to get the garden season going? I live in the northwest and would prefer a recommendation in that area. I need seed starting trays for tomatoes, seed starting mix and some (ideally organic) fertilizer
Anonymous: Sunnyside is the best, but this is their last year:
Recommendation for Devan Greenhouses on Facebook
07 Apr 2016

Irene F.: Best place to buy wisteria?, I drive in from Hope, so hoping someone knows a greenhouse that's good.
Pam G.: We go into Devan nursery and love their plants and prices. Definitely forth the drive in to see the animals too
Recommendation for Devan Greenhouses on Facebook
28 Apr 2015

Krystie D.: Where can I find the best hanging baskets in town, for the best price?
Pam G.: If you can make the drive into devan nursery, just this side of aldergrove, you will not he disappointed in variety and price. We always get our there and are very pleased
Recommendation for Sunnyside Greenhouses Ltd on Facebook
04 Oct 2011

Borovko A.: Try to find these flowers in Calgary. Is anybody knows where I can buy them?
Kristin M.: Oops, Sunnyside Gardens are actually in the US. I meant this one:

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