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Recommendation for Maple Ridge Wellness Centre Inc on Facebook
28 Mar 2018

Deb M.: My shoulder has rendered me useless for almost 7 months now. Getting worse. Looking for a miracle working CHIROPRACTOR. Gentle manipulation and non hucksters please. (So many bad ones overcharging these days.)
Zehra G.: Dr. Mark and Dr. Amanda at Maple Ridge Wellness Centre Inc. both have new patient availability today! :) 604-479-0800
Nicole C.: Maple Ridge Wellness Centre for sure. Three direct bill and their appointments are from head to toe (think wrists, ankles and all in between) Dr Mark adjusted my wrist yesterday and I fell 10000 times better!
Recommendation for Maple Ridge Physiotherapy & Pain Clinic Inc on Facebook
29 Nov 2017

Brenda D.: Acupuncturist? Has anybody here have a local one to recommend? Thanks
Tana P.: I am currently receiving it from the....
Recommendation for Maple Ridge Physiotherapy & Pain Clinic Inc on Facebook
17 Aug 2017

Freya R.: Hello I am having a very hard time finding a family doctor in my area or even a walk in clinic. I am also in desperate need of physio and massage that accept direct to pay from my lawyer. Any suggestions? I have spoken with public health unit, hospital as well as called a bunch of doctors myself.
Tana P.:
Recommendation for Maple Ridge Wellness Centre Inc on Facebook
24 Mar 2016

Sheryl M.: Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone knows of a good Chiropractor in Maple Ridge that spends more than about 3 minutes with you for the $45 they charge these days? Thanks Peeps. Do any of them spend more than 3 minutes with you?
Katrina H.: Hands down, you MUST go to Maple Ridge Wellness Center. Zehra is amazing and helped me with several injuries, including back injury from car accident. She doesn't waste your time, doesn't make you go in for an unnecessary number of sessions, and all my appointments have been sufficiently long. They also use various methods of treatment, not just cracking your back in 3 minutes and out you go. Laser light therapy, massage therapy, etc. They even have a small gym room for other types of treatments. Call her and you will not be disappointed. From one happy client, to another! Maple Ridge Wellness Centre Inc 22230 North Ave #309 (604) 479-0800
Recommendation for New Leaf Massage & Wellness on Facebook
26 Jan 2016

Jodi T.: hello everyone I am looking for a Christian that practices as a massage therapist in, or near Abbotsford. I believe asking our community will provide a better chance to find someone soon than me looking on my own- Thx!
Justine P.: Tara at New Leaf is a wonderful massage therapist as well as a Christian :)
Recommendation for Maple Ridge Wellness Centre Inc on Facebook
16 Dec 2015

Terri-Lynn H.: I am looking for suggestions of RMT's in the area. I have called a few places but no one seems to have any availability until the New Year. Does anyone know of a great RMT with availability ASAP?
Zehra G.: Toshi at Maple Ridge Wellness Centre Inc. is fantastic and has availability on Friday! 604-479-0800 We direct bill extended health too :)
Recommendation for Peak Valley Active Health Inc on Facebook
08 Oct 2015

Heather N.: I'm looking for the massage lady who posted on here. Anyone?? Thanks.
Katy G.: 604-371-0715
Danna C.: It's the RMT from Peak Valley Active Health.
Recommendation for Valley Wellness Centre on Facebook
24 Jun 2014

Leslie G.: I'm in need of a really good Registered massage therapist. Suggestions asap
Kenn B.: John Forde is awesome but; hard to get in on short notice.. Danielle at valley wellness is awesome and close to your house. 604-850-9097.
Recommendation for Oasis Rejuvenation Centre & Retreat on Facebook
30 Jan 2014

Robert G.: Anyone of my Facebook friends have a massage therapist they highly recommend? Langley or Abbotsford? Need one BAD!! So many. Hard to choose.
Martin J.: I seen a japanese girl in Mission. Her name is Teresa and she has a retreat in Stave Falls. 604-462-7780. She knows what she is doing.

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