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Review for F V Quality Drywall & Insulation on Directory
04 Feb 2022

I had to call and leave a message twice for Matt to finally get back to me .when he did he said he would send me a quote and never did. I don’t think I would deal with this company the customer service leaves a lot to be desired.
Recommendation for Michael Hill Project Management Inc on Facebook
22 Mar 2017

Anna-Marie H.: Calling all those who have reno'd their kitchens in their BC box homes. I need Raves on some good contractors. Looking to remove a wall in the kitchen and put an island in
Michael H.: Pre construction materials testing & WCB Compliance landfill letters get your drywall tested before you renovate 604-392-6476 Patten ave & Main st
Recommendation for Michael Hill Project Management Inc on Facebook
04 Jan 2017

Ramon B.: Anyone recommend a good flooring company to get quotes for removing carpet and installing laminate floors in Chilliwack?
Lori W.:

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