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Latest reviews for local Italian Restaurants

Recommendation for Little Trattoria on Facebook
06 Jul 2017

Lisa S.: Best pizza in town? Quality & $ is important. It's for a wedding after party. Late Delivery will be needed. Any suggestions?
Recommendation for Frankies Italian Kitchen & Bar on Facebook
23 Jun 2017

Alicia M.: Recommendations for where to go out to dinner with my husband and our two young kids for an anniversary dinner Friday night. Want to try somewhere new!
Donna H.: Frankie's is very good.
Recommendation for Il Corsaro Pasta Bar on Facebook
20 Jul 2016

Alyx L.: Any suggestions on a nice restaurant in ridge that isn't a chain? Thanks!
Kmarie P.:
Recommendation for Il Corsaro Pasta Bar on Facebook
29 Nov 2015

Shirley M.: Is there someplace nice to eat in this town with great food? I haven't been able to find one. I don't eat burgers, deep fried foods, foods covered with cheese. I also don't enjoy pub food, as it's always as above, and I don't enjoy the atmosphere much. I tend to avoid franchise restaurants, because the food is anyways very commercial and all tastes the same. I've tried Bella Vita but didn't enjoy the Oxo-disguised-au-jus on the prime rib. I had a very bad, not-to-be-repeated, meal at Frogstone. So, is there somewhere I haven't found where you can eat a well-prepared meal you wouldn't cook at home and enjoy a good glass of wine?
Karen B.: Really lovely food
Recommendation for Jim's Pizzeria on Facebook
31 Oct 2015

Dawn D.: Help!!! PIZZA? Is there not a pizza place open past 1am on a Friday in downtown Chilliwack?
Colin C.:
Recommendation for Il Corsaro Pasta Bar on Facebook
04 Oct 2015

Anastassios F.: Does anyone know a good restaurant I can impress my mother in law at in maple ridge..... A good Italian or Greek place?
Eric O.: Great little Pasta place on Dewndey Truck just before 224 th, Il Corsaro .... I think
Recommendation for Delizie Italiane Bakery & Bistro on Facebook
17 Aug 2015

Laurene H.: Does anyone know of a reasonable caterer?
Elaine L.:
Recommendation for Jim's Pizzeria on Facebook
17 Aug 2015

Candice R.: Good pizza place to order from in the Woodbine area?
Diane G.: Jims downtown 604-793-9333
Recommendation for Little Trattoria on Facebook
15 Jun 2015

Derek S.: So me and my girlfriend have been in the hospital for couple days we just had our first baby girl and we've been eating anything I could grab quickly but I'm really wanting to pick her up some good dinner tonight she deserves it any suggestions?? No more fast food for us haha
Andelys P.: Congratulations to you both!!:)

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