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Review for Lee's Fine Jewellery Ltd on Directory
12 Jul 2023

I was lucky enough to purchase my first piece from the family business when it was on 232nd in Langley…we also had a piece custom made in the new Abbotsford location 20 yrs ago…both were very well done??
Review for Jewellery Galleria on Directory
29 Mar 2023

Hi everyone. I should have posted this year's ago,but better late then never. I've always been intrigued with jewlery, especially customized as I like my own input. Ameet and Pervine are the ultimate couple in jewelry creation. Pervine being a Gemologist by trade really lends a professional touch to his industry. Through his technical expertise and Ameet's taste and style completes the whole experience in bringing to life, your intentions of love and comitment to a loved one. I once had an Asian friend that was frustrated that he couldn't come up with a jeweler that could help him with an engagement idea.His fiancè was a music major and wanted something that was unique to their relationship. I introduced him to Jewlery Galeria and low and behold Pervine designed an exquisite treble cleff engagement ring. Wow! Stunning. I have had many pieces created by Pervine and Ameet.Ameet is an integral part of this operation as she helps Pervine give you that finess character to each and every piece you dare to design. Mapleridge has a diamond in the rough in Jewelry Galeria. His clientele knows their worth by returning again and again.Bravo Jewlery Galeria. See You soon. ?
Recommendation for Tumblestone Emporium on Facebook
24 Mar 2018

Kelly L.: Wondering if anyone knows where I can buy incense locally?
Daisy G.: If you want to call and ask Tumblestone Emporium 604-466-4498
Recommendation for Goldsmith Shoppe The on Facebook
03 Feb 2018

Jodi G.: I am looking for names of local handmade jewellers. Or links to Facebook pages.
Katie C.:
Recommendation for Hammond Jewellers Ltd on Facebook
16 Jun 2017

Shianne E.: Any good and non expensive places to get a men's chain fixed? Just a link broke off
Krista L.: Hammond Jewellers is reasonable
Recommendation for Nuway Deals on Facebook
27 Apr 2017

Kelly B.: Does anyone know of any decent pawn shops in the area? I know they often have a rather nefarious reputation but this is the reason for my question. I inherited a piece of jewelry some years ago and recently I finally figured I'd sell it as its been just sitting, collecting dust. I went to a couple jewellers locally and they all said they typically don't buy used/old jewelry. They said just go to a pawn shop. So does anyone have any useful advice here? Thanks
Kelly A.: Nuway Deals on young street, most reputable around.
Recommendation for Goldsmith Shoppe The on Facebook
10 Apr 2017

Kristina M.: Who does jewlery appraisals in chilliwack on site ? TIA
Rhonda M.: I believe the Goldsmith Shoppe does
Recommendation for Goldsmith Shoppe The on Facebook
02 Nov 2016

Amanda P.: Where is the best place to get a ring repaired? Small repair with rose gold, nothing too fancy. Thank you :)
Dan G.: The Goldsmith Shoppe for sure. Support local!
Recommendation for Lanka Jewels Ltd on Facebook
13 Jul 2016

Debbie B.: Does anyone know where I can buy Elle jewelry? Kanaka sold it but now their closed and the Bay doesn't handle it anymore. Thanks in advance for any input.
Kelly L.: LANKA JEWELLERS 326-32555 LONDON AVE MISSION 604-826-5766

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