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Review for Liquor For Less.Com - Marshall / Riverside on Directory
08 Jul 2023

Treat staff horrible they overwork all their staff for minimum wage. They don't allow staff to get tips as they claim it makes them seem cheap and they force staff to stay on site during lunch break that is unpaid if you are not brown and friends or family with management you will be let go with no cause. This company treats their employees like slaves and don't care about neither them nor the customers. Whole store is dusty and dirty
Recommendation for Liquor Stores - Government on Facebook
25 Sep 2018

Heffer_Moose: Where to find Japanese liquors in Vancouver? Are there any liquor stores around town that a large selection of import Japanese fruit sakes? I'm particularly looking for 720 ml bottles from Tatenokawa Brewery.
Bridgemixture: It doesn't seem that BC Liquor Stores has what you're looking for, but you can check their product catalogue online:
Recommendation for Liquor Stores - Government on Facebook
03 Oct 2017

Devilmonk: Largest liquor store from Vancouver to Abbotsford? Does anyone know of any like super oversized liquor stores? Like a massive multi-floor store or just large surface area? Or maybe a distillery or winery in the back? Just thought it would be cool to go to if there is one.
Anonymous: The Signature BC Liquor Stores are often the bigger ones. The one in Vancouver at Cambie and 40 th is pretty big but its a bit short of *huge*. You could check out the Signature locations in other cities. You can find out where they are via [the website](
Recommendation for Black Sheep Pub & Liquor Store on Facebook
30 May 2017

Melissa B.: Are there any pubs or restaurants in Ridge Meadows that have MONDAY specials on casual food? Thanks.
Lesley A.: Monday is wing night at The Black Sheep Pub - Liquor Store
Recommendation for Liquor Stores - Government on Facebook
22 Dec 2014

Brenda R.: Does anyone know which liquor store sells Dirty Laundry-Red wine? TIA
Joyce E.: You can use this handy tool to answer your question :)

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