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Recommendation for Grove Cedar Ltd on Facebook
02 Apr 2018

Candice V.: Any carpenter's know the best place locally to get pre-made tongue and groove fence panels in 8x6 or 8x7?
Nate D.: They deliver for a small charge.
Recommendation for Visscher Lumber on Facebook
27 Dec 2017

Marlene M.: We are wanting to do a tongue and groove feature wall. Where is the best place to purchase the wood. 12' long boards would work best and open to pine, fir, spruce etc. Is there a mill we can purchase from instead of the usual hardware stores?
Rachel S.:
Recommendation for Visscher Lumber on Facebook
10 Mar 2015

Wendy W.: Does anyone know where to get a good deal on fence boards? Not panels just the wood. Need to build a new fence and we are on a budget. Thanks!
Ken D.: Give Visscher a call. 6545 Lickman Road 604-858-3375

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