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Review for Fraser Valley Masonry on Directory
12 Nov 2022

We had extensive chimney repairs September by Tom and his helper. During a atmospheric river a leak was detected very close to the chimney. Tom was called entered the attic and found 2 vents from a reroof installed incorrectly and leaking. He laid a trap over the vents to prevent more damage. On the main roof various deficiencies became apparent besides the two vents. To our amazement they also do roofing. After their professionalism and attention to details was observed with the chimney we were only to pleased to have Tom and his professional roofer helper not just repair and patch but replace in whole. I would personally recommend Fraser Valley Masonry to my friends, associates or person wishing to contact me.
Review for Fraser Valley Masonry on Directory
12 Nov 2022

We were really pleased that Tom’s helper was a professional roofer and a mason also. We had a roof leak after our chimney had been rebuilt in September by Tom and his helper. It was a atmospheric river two nights in a row with 3” leaking into our bedroom and 5gal. bucket. Tom and his helper came as soon as we called and went up on the roof and attic trying to find the source. It turned out to be 2 leaking vents that had be installed incorrectly 15 years before. They tarped the vents off and recommended relocation and properly installing new roofing to the west gable. They pointed out the deficiencies of the previous previous roof. Based on the integrity and professional work done on the chimney I asked them to replace the whole roof. They have gone above and beyond and it would be my pleasure to recommend Fraser Valley Masonry to any of my friends, associates or persons reading this review
Review for Ken Hildebrand Masonry on Directory
04 Mar 2022

Came when he said he would. Nice to deal with. would recommend to anyone.
Review for Rootzone Landscaping & Design on Whodoyou
31 Oct 2015

Mary-Anne is very efficient, she works hard and fast and transformed my garden. Extremely knowledgeable and had many good ideas and suggestions. Now my gardening frustrations are solved and I love to be out in my yard, thanks Mary-Anne!
Review for Rootzone Landscaping & Design on Whodoyou
06 May 2015

Very happy with service
Recommendation for Rampton Stonescapes on Facebook
02 Mar 2018

Ashley C.: ISO someone that does concrete patios. Any suggestions on a company that you would personally recommend ?with possibly photos of the previous work. :) some ideas I like are the following. Not all the same but if I could get someone to come give me an estimate.
Elicia T.:
Elia L.:
Recommendation for Canex Building Supplies Ltd on Facebook
30 Jul 2016

Jaclyn A.: Best place to get a few yards of bark mulch?
Amanda W.: Canex Building Supplies
Recommendation for Rootzone Landscaping & Design on Facebook
29 Aug 2014

Sarah B.: A recommended landscaper for a big job - need to block out stupid eye sore that the neighbour just put in!
Alitha D.:

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