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Recommendation for Mark's Work Wearhouse on Facebook
25 Sep 2014

Ronandbrandi C.: Does anyone know where I can find a lab coat?
Celene L.: (marks work wear house)
Recommendation for Mark's Work Wearhouse on Facebook
22 Oct 2013

Purplegeek: Can anyone recommend somewhere to buy blank Polo/Golf shirts in Calgary? I'm looking to purchase about 20 to 25 blank golf shirts of various sizes that I will subsequently have embroidered with a group logo and distribute to members of the group. Ideally I'm looking for decent quality 100% cotton collared shirts. There seem to be lots of places that I can order them from online, but ideally I'd like to be able to get them locally so that I can see them to verify that the quality is fine, and it would be nice to avoid shipping fees. Any recommendations (or companies that I should avoid) would be appreciated. Edit: To be clear, I just need the blank shirts. I have access to a commercial embroidery machine.
Alpain: has a secondary company called i believe you can get any products that marks stocks sent through their embroidering company and bought at a discount so you can check everything in store first.. but i might be wrong on this (the wholesale discount part). they have a physical location in calgary also which i think will have more variety for the bulk buying than what you find in stores for the designs they offer (pockets/button ups/etc)

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