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Review for Ken's Guitar Studio on Directory
07 Sep 2022

Ken made learning guitar enjoyable and easy. I did not want to learn much theory and had minimal experience. I just wanted to be able to jam. I had taken lessons many years ago and did not enjoy them, so I gave up guitar. Ken taught in a way that made it easy to pick up the skills needed to play for fun, without having to worry about theory. However I do understand that he teaches theory as well. 5/5!
Recommendation for Limelight Music School on Facebook
10 Aug 2017

Kathy J.: Recommendations for guitar and voice lessons for children
Robbie M.:
Recommendation for Limelight Music School on Facebook
27 Sep 2015

Sierra H.: Does anyone know a place in Chilliwack that does vocal/singing lessons?
Leigh B.: Limelight Music on Evans 604-846-8777
Recommendation for Chilliwack Academy Of Music on Facebook
05 Nov 2014

Penny O.: Does anyone know of any Good business that offers singing lessons for kids, preferably in chilliwack
Mark L.:

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