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Recommendation for Nuway Deals on Facebook
27 Apr 2017

Kelly B.: Does anyone know of any decent pawn shops in the area? I know they often have a rather nefarious reputation but this is the reason for my question. I inherited a piece of jewelry some years ago and recently I finally figured I'd sell it as its been just sitting, collecting dust. I went to a couple jewellers locally and they all said they typically don't buy used/old jewelry. They said just go to a pawn shop. So does anyone have any useful advice here? Thanks
Kelly A.: Nuway Deals on young street, most reputable around.
Recommendation for Long & Mcquade Musical Instruments on Facebook
02 Apr 2015

Ashley S.: Has anyone had a slideshow for a wedding or something in the knights of Columbus hall?? Where did you get the equipment and hoe did you set it up?? Thanks
Kelsie F.:
Recommendation for Long & Mcquade Musical Instruments on Facebook
09 Mar 2015

Eleonor R.: Hi everyone, please help! Does anyone know where I can rent audio systems like CD player with speakers here in Winnipeg that i can use only for a couple of hours for my daughter's birthday party? TIA!
Rena P.:

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