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Recommendation for Langley Animal Protection Society on Facebook
09 May 2017

Chrissie M.: Who do I need to talk to Logan farm has a vicious dog on the property wright st it bit someone but that person doesn't want to report it it's better you get that dog before it attacks someone else it's loose and goes all over it broke skin the dog is a danger can you look into it the Logan farm on wright st Fort langley
Langley A.: Hi Chrissie, please give us a call between 9 am-5:30 pm to speak with the animal control department at 604-857-5055. Thanks!
Recommendation for Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows Community Services on Facebook
01 Mar 2017

Sally B.: Hi everyone. I have a friend who is currently going through a difficult separation. She has 6 children and her husband is refusing to give her financial help for them and has removed money from their account. Can anyone recommend a family lawyer that would be able to give her some advice on which direction to take, and who has very cheap rates as she is really struggling financially?
Susanne L.: Maple ridge community services (behind London drugs) they have lots of resources of where to get advice. 604-467-6911.
Recommendation for Chilliwack Foundation on Facebook
27 Sep 2016

Debby M.: Looking for an accountant versed in Sage 50 2016. We currently have an accountant, but looking into one locally. Someone who understands construction business and Sage 50. Also would like them to come to us. Would prefer a company that will 'grow' with us, not someone who might retire in the next few years. Thank you
Mary-Ann J.: Peter from MNP 604-792-1915
Recommendation for Family Education & Support Centre The on Facebook
15 Jun 2016

Kyler E.: Good morning neighbors, i was curious if any one knows where one can get 1 on 1 anger management classes. I'm on disability so I know they will pay for it. I just don't know where to start. thanks
Leenane S.: Family Education Centre:
Recommendation for Ruth & Naomi's Mission on Facebook
16 Dec 2014

Zinn K.: ISO... a food bank?
Teri T.: 45742 Yale Road West Chilliwack, BC (604) 792-0001 thats the salvation army and 46130 Margaret Ave, Chilliwack, BC V2P 2G5 (604) 795-2322 has small hampers
Recommendation for Ruth & Naomi's Mission on Facebook
13 Mar 2014

Emily T.: without going into why im looking, I have a 12 year old daughter and I think she could use a good dose of doing good for others..does anyone know where I could go to get her involved in either a soup kitchen type thing or volunteer work like that?
Mary K.: Ruth and Naomi's!

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