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Review for Findlay Gunnell Sandor on Directory
28 May 2023

Walking ???? on sidewalk, a driver was screaming profanity at his female passenger?. I yelled at him to shut up, he turned his car around and ran me down, he drove onto sidewalk and hit me damaging his car. Then drove away. I took his licence and went to hospital. Hired Findley, turns out he was friends with the POS ran me down. Findley threw the case, told me I had to take the measly ten grand, lousy lawyer. Liar! Looks down on poor marginalized people. Told me to accept least offer then took half. Sad part was one of my witnesses was a native woman, Findley made fun of her and laughed about her having a so many kids. He is arrogant, prejudiced and opinionated, someone tried to kill me and he tried to help the guy I sued by lying to me! Told me there was no damage to car I could not have been hit like I said. I was surprised cause I saw damage to car when he drove away. Findley told me to take the least amount for what I see ans an attempted murder and Findley helped the POS who ran me down like something less than a dog in the street!! Do not trust Findley with your law suits, it seems that if your his friend or associate he won’t do the right thing and excuse himself from the case, he lied to me, was discourteous and prejudicial to my witness, and literally laughed at me when I was in his office, I overheard him talk about the nice lady who came forward at the scene and helped me, Findley belittled her when she came to his office as my witness. Told me he didn’t believe her; hard to believe, sad but true. A person can’t lie about this, it’s a matter of record. I was run over by a hit and run driver on a public sidewalk in Maple Ridge and Findley tried to throw my case, I do not know why for sure, it was obvious though he knew the guy who hit me. After I settled, I saw the photos Findley had, the photos clearly showed the damage as I described it, completely coinciding with my description of the accident but because the driver was somehow known to Findley, Findley convinced me to settle for the minimum amount by telling me I had a very poor witness and there was no “ zero” damage too the car. I believed my lawyer and took the minimal deal. I want to know how does someone “ DRIVE ON TO A CITY SIDEWALK , RUN DOWN A PEDESTRIAN, then DRIVE HOME and not face any criminal charges? When I found out this driver did not even get a ticket for it I was incredulous. Attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, maybe even a dangerous driving?? I do not know the name of the POS who hit me, a matter of public record. I just couldn’t see this advertisement and not relay my experience with BART FINDLEY.!! A case in hat was a literal gift from the gods, a rich asshole runs down a poor working stiff and faces NOTHING!! No consequence for the driver??? Someone knows someone for sure right?? The fact the ICBC responded with an offer should of told me right there that it was a solid case, I listened to my lawyers advice and got like six or seven thousand, don’t care so much about the money, I wonder how this guy could do what he did and end up with no consequences. How it is that a lawyer hired to represent me, basically tried to lead me away from going after this guy hard!! To hell with the money, I needed it then but it’s not the point. This guy, this driver got away with a heinous crime cause of who he knows. Trust me; if a regular middle class citizen did this, drive on the sidewalk and run someone down we would go too jail:
Review for Stephens & Holman on Whodoyou
28 Jun 2021

Stephens & Holman was great.
Review for Taylor & Blair Llp on Whodoyou
23 Sep 2020

I used the firm of Taylor & Blair with my personal injury case that was settled in the last year. Although it took a number of years to get resolved which is standard on large cases, I was pleased with what the firm did for me. There are a great many challenges in a personal injury case, particularly when there are as many injuries to deal with such as mine. I know that Taylor & Blair, went above and beyond for me and they understood the struggles I was going through, particularly my lawyer David Goldberg. I feel they pushed hard when it was appropriate. I know people say that they could have done just as good without a lawyer and saved all the fees, but I do not believe that because there were a number of issues I would not have known could have been brought into my case without the assistance of a lawyer. Taylor & Blair have the expertise and the research background of previous cases to draw on to assist in the argument of settlement. I dont know if anyone really feels that they got enough in a settlement, particularly when dealing with an insurance company and especially when they have lost everything, but I believe I got the best settlement that could be arrived at for my situation. I went through Examination for Discovery and a Mediation first, which in and of itself, were extremely difficult, but we were able to come to a settlement without going to court which would have been an even longer process and even more stressful and much more difficult than what I had already experienced in Examination & Mediation. I would definitely recommend the firm of Taylor & Blair for your personal injury caseSharon
Review for Stephens & Holman on Whodoyou
19 Jun 2019

Well I appreciate Stephens & Holman recommendation that they gave me for the lawyer and everything's going fine and I hope you keep up the good work. Thank you very much by.
Review for Stephens & Holman on Whodoyou
13 May 2019

My experience is very informative and I have been kept up to date and I appreciate Stephens & Holman Services, thank you.
Review for Taylor & Blair Llp on Whodoyou
10 Apr 2019

I had a really good experience with Taylor & Blair Personal Injury Lawyers. It was really smooth and lawyer was very communicative and he really helped me out. Had a good experience with them, thanks.
Review for Cbm Lawyers Llp on Whodoyou
28 Mar 2019

Experience with Campbell Burton & McMullan was good.
Review for Cbm Lawyers Llp on Whodoyou
28 Oct 2018

Campbell Burton & McMullan have been amazing! they've settled a few things for me and they've just been the best and the most amazing. I trust them with anything. I recommend Campbell Burton & McMullan to everybody, thank you.
Review for Cbm Lawyers Llp on Whodoyou
08 Oct 2018

dealing with Campbell Burton & McMullan was OK.

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