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Review for Dapper Dog Daycare & Grooming on Directory
10 Jun 2022

Never taking my dog back to dapper dog daycare. He was in for a few months and his entire domineer HAS DRASTICALLY changed. He is always on fight or flight mode. He hides at home and has become nippy with me. A big thing for me was the last few weeks I was taking him into the day-care he refused to leave the car. Something has happened to my dog while in daycare and I am not impressed. I do not trust this place at ALL
Review for The Valley Dog Spaw on Directory
12 Feb 2022

Lori is absolutely amazing with her clients, and our fur babies always come home smelling amazing, and happy with how they feel!
Review for Happy Days Dog Day Care on Whodoyou
09 Dec 2019

Happy days and I sure were exactly one happy couple on. King George a shipment that. 156. To one I was going to get my hair cut there but they don't have a groomer and yet since they get a groomer I'll be going or I used them before they're really good Ok thank you.
Review for Country Meadows Pet Hospital on Whodoyou
09 Dec 2019

Yes I have used the veterinary services on a regular basis. Very happy with Dr Catterick from Country Meadows Pet Hospital. I'm very happy with everything, that we get the service, the professionalism and the care that's been shown. Thank you very much.
Review for Happy Days Dog Day Care on Whodoyou
13 Jun 2019

Yes we enjoyed leaving our dog at Happy Trails Day Care We found the staff pleasant and and attentive would appreciate having them open on the weekends by.
Recommendation for The Foxy Hound Pet Salon on Facebook
28 Mar 2018

Kristi G.: It seems I need a new groomer for my pup as my current one no longer answers her phone (been calling for over 2 weeks and left messages). Looking for a place that doesnt kennel and is good with nervous dogs. Preferably on the Chilliwack side of town. TIA.
Melissa A.: Thanks for all the recommendations guys The Foxy Hound is currently accepting new clients! We are a cage free low stress salon conveniently located just off hwy 1 at Lickman Road. Check out our Facebook page for more info, reviews and lots of photos!
Karla H.: The foxy hound
Recommendation for Sunnymaples Pet Grooming on Facebook
09 Mar 2018

Diane B.: Hi. Sorry I need to ask for recommendations on a dog groomer in hope bc. Lost the other time I needed the info. Who do u think is the nicest and kindest. Thanking you for your time
Julie N.: Val Medley at Sunny Maples.
Cindy A.: Val Medley 604 869-9377
Recommendation for Sunnymaples Pet Grooming on Facebook
04 Mar 2018

Kyla B.: Recommendations on where to get my yorkie's haircut in town? Thanks!
Janet C.: Sunnymaples Pet Grooming 604-869-9377, Val Medley is the best!
Cindy A.: Val Medley at Sunny Maples. 604-869-9377. She's the Best!
Recommendation for The Foxy Hound Pet Salon on Facebook
02 Dec 2017

Sydney H.: Looking for a groomer (or just a person) with bunny experience to help clean up my old lady as she can't reach her back end to clean herself like she used to and I am not comfortable doing it myself. Ideally someone who can come to us but would also be willing to come to you
Melissa A.: The Foxy Hound message me or call 604 799 6397

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