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Review for Partab Farm & Nursery Ltd on Directory
01 Aug 2023

They provide trees that have been dug up for to long, quote on labour and then complain and ask for more money to install once on site. They do not warranty their workmanship or their trees. We purchased 15 trees and had them install them. We adjusted the drip lines and water anmounts according to their instructions. Within 4 days 3 trees had died, 2 months later only 3 of the 15 trees survived. They have offered a $10 discount on replacement trees excluding delivery and install. They only accept cash to avoid having to pay taxes.
Recommendation for Trice Farms Pond & Garden on Facebook
24 Sep 2017

Maryjane M.: I am looking to purchase a couple bales of hay...anyone know where i can get them? Ty!
Nicole H.: Grow & Gather (Trice Farms Ltd.) has them
Recommendation for Trice Farms Pond & Garden on Facebook
28 Nov 2016

Brenda G.: Can anyone recommend a local farm that sells and delivers cedar hedging?
Alex P.: We got the trees for our hedge at Grow & Gather (Trice Farms Ltd.) at the beginning of the year: And, yes, they also delivered them for us.
Recommendation for Trice Farms Pond & Garden on Facebook
07 Apr 2016

Shoshana J.: Anyone know of any good nurseries? I don't mind driving to far. I'm redoing my whole yard so inexpensive would be perfect ;)
Brandi E.: I go to Grow and Gather.
Recommendation for Canada's Bamboo World on Facebook
18 Aug 2015

Marina S.: Any suggestions where to get nice, healthy backyard trees from local nurseries? Agassiz, Rosedale, or Chilliwack. Looking for privacy trees due to tall homes being developed.... invading our backyard privacy. Thanks.
Carol L.: not trees but
Recommendation for Sequoia Garden Centre on Facebook
31 Jul 2015

Marty V.: ISO: Nursery with a good selection of dwarf/semi-dwarf apple trees for sale (an other fruit trees). Minter has a lot, but looking for other options as well so I can compare price/health. Looking to plant mid-Sept depending.
Andelys P.: this is the place a bought from last year.I'm happy with them.Not positive about their selection this year
Recommendation for Tanglebank Gardens on Facebook
23 Mar 2015

Linda P.: Any idea where I can buy ollas locally (Fraser Valley)? Would much rather do that than bury plastic containers and use plastic pipes.....
Kayla F.: They sell them at Tanglebank Gardens and a few other spots, lots of farmers markets and home and garden shows.
Recommendation for Canada's Bamboo World on Facebook
12 Sep 2013

Ryan D.: Where are folks sourcing their plants in general? I've been looking for Maximillian sunflower for a while, for example, haven't found a local nursery with it. Cold hary bamboos are another thing which seems to be hard to get for a reasonable price in Ontario.
Douglas J.: I got bamboo through Their feet were cramped, but the plants were otherwise in good condition.
Recommendation for Canada's Bamboo World on Facebook
14 Mar 2012

Caitlin D.: Hello all- I'm looking for someone who's growing bamboo who would be willing to give me/ sell me/ trade me some rootstock...Please help! Thanks!
Ryan S.:

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