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Recommendation for Lakeside Pre-School on Facebook
07 Mar 2017

Delia O.: Could someone recommend a preschool that's located between Kanaka Elementary and Albion Elementary? The one I was looking at doesn't have any spots available at this time. Thank you!
Krista L.: Its not really that far and IMO its worth it because Mrs. Kilsby is AMAZING Lakeside Pre-school
Recommendation for Fraser Canyon Children's Centre on Facebook
06 Jan 2017

Carol W.: anyone know of places that help mothers out
Rebecca V.:
Recommendation for Fun Farm Child Care Centre on Facebook
19 Sep 2016

Jenn T.: Hello. I have an immediate need for before and after school care for my two daughters ages 6 and 7. I commute to mission every morning so I would need somewhere either in Albion or whonnock as opposed to further in town. Could anyone please let me know if they have (or knows someone who has) space available. Thanks in advance
Tracy C.:
Recommendation for Fraser Canyon Children's Centre on Facebook
23 May 2016

Kait R.: ISO: A good place to donate clothes? I don't want to give it to a second hand store which will turn around and just sell it, I would rather give it to someone in need. (young teen clothes; size small)
Kathereen H.: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 12-4 But if those times aren't good then you can call 604-845-5432 and we can set something else up.
Recommendation for Abc Preschool Academy on Facebook
05 Jan 2016

Chelsea D.: Hello all! I am going to be registering my son for kindergarten at Willoughby Elementary for the September 2016 school year, I'm struggling at finding before/after school care on site or in the catchment area. If anyone knows of some options or has any good recommendations, please let me know:) Thanks in advance!
Lennie W.: 604-513-8025
Recommendation for Fun Farm Child Care Centre on Facebook
17 Jun 2015

Justin L.: Is there a petting zoo or horse farm locally which I can take my 3yr old daughter to? Preferably one that provides pony or horse rides. She is very confident on a horse at her age. Even just a recommendation of a farm I can take her to where she will have the opportunity to interact with horses.
Sean O.: We digress, but hey, since we are... this place makes me wish I was a kid again.
Recommendation for Meadow Montessori Elementary & Preschool on Facebook
04 Jan 2015

Chidiogo N.: Hello everyone, Happy new year, I am new to Hammond and currently looking to put my 5yrs old( he is turning 5 by January 16) into preschool before he starts kindergarten by September, can someone please suggest a good and affordable preschool. Thank you.
Kristine L.: Registration is starting right now at Meadow Montessori...I'll be in office tomorrow 604-465-3492 or
Recommendation for Fraser Canyon Children's Centre on Facebook
21 Sep 2014

Leanne B.: Does any know where to recycle infant car seats? My son has just grown out of his Peg Perego Viaggio infant car seat and I would like to either give it away to someone in need (Anne Davis Society???) or recycle. Not sure who takes them? Thanks in advance :-)
Leanne B.: just found their FB page
Recommendation for Brightpath on Facebook
07 Aug 2014

Trudy D.: Anyone know of any good babysitters or day care cheap...please msg me thanks
Carissa R.:

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