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Review for Golden Top Enterprises Co Ltd on Directory
10 Feb 2023

Excellent service. Great to work with.
Recommendation for Hallmark Promotions on Facebook
26 Sep 2015

Andrea M.: Help. Desperately looking for a Laura kloosterman or Sharon cinnamon or someone who works for Hallmark promotions in Chilliwack. Could they please please pm me tonight? A huge part of our order was missed that we need in the am and we are praying it is in the shop and that we can pick it up in the morning. Please and thank you.
Lori W.: I'm guessing you've tried calling them? (604) 792-5311
Recommendation for Hallmark Promotions on Facebook
02 Sep 2015

Caro M.: somewhere I can get names embroidered on hats?
Terri B.: Hallmark here in town ask for tim. HALLMARK PROMOTIONS O: 604.792.5311 C: 604.316.1257
Recommendation for Hallmark Promotions on Facebook
27 Jan 2015

Laura W.: Where do I find someone to put writing on shirts?
Alitha D.: Contact Laura at
Jay L.: Hallmark promotions off airport
Recommendation for Hallmark Promotions on Facebook
28 Jul 2014

Marian L.: Dose anyone know where in chilliwack I can find a place that makes specially made t- shirts/hats that will put what ever you want on them?
Alitha D.: Hallmark Promotions :)

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