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Recommendation for Swimming Pool Of Agassiz on Facebook
12 Jan 2017

Kyle L.: So I (Chelsey) posted searching for professional puppy training and was referred to "Wag the Dog. " I promptly enrolled our 4 month old Malamute only to receive a call today (the day before classes start) to say that it's cancelled due to lack of people. I am SO disappointed and our Malamute is growing fast. We have no idea where to go from here. We need a good reputable trainer quick! Any idea where we could take her?
Marjorie J.: I think they may starting classes in Agassiz. Give them a call at the Rec Center..1 604 796 8891.
Recommendation for Hope & District Recreation Centre on Facebook
14 May 2016

Leslie J.: Are there any toddler swim classes, or private lessons here in hope? :)
Debra G.: I'm pretty sure I saw that the rec center has some. Stop by there and pick up their program guide, or I think you can download it at Their phone number is 604-869-2304, too...
Recommendation for Hope & District Recreation Centre on Facebook
23 Sep 2014

Pennygirl L.: anyone happen to know the cost for a gym pass at the rec center
Jackie M.: all the info is here on their website!!

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