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Review for R & L Packaging & Recycling Ltd on Directory
08 Dec 2022

Watched one of their drivers drive like an idiot on Hwy 1 today, weaving and cutting off other vehicles and semi trucks in the pouring rain. Surprised they didn't cause an accident, just a complete moron on the road.
Review for Bfi Canada Inc on Directory
05 Oct 2022

Without a doubt the rudest dispatcher phoned last week for a pu they told us Monday nobody showed up we called Monday rescheduled for Wednesday have a crew ready to load once picked up and returned they cannot give a rough time or even if they will show up
Recommendation for First Class Waste Services Inc on Facebook
19 Mar 2018

Stephanie B.: We are moving and I am looking to rent a extra large garbage bin to be placed at our home and removed once full. Any recommendations on companies that do this?
Tara L.:
Recommendation for Ridge Meadows Recycling Depot on Facebook
16 Mar 2018

Dianne F.: Hey neighbours! We want to start composting in our backyard and are looking for a good compost bin. Any recommendations?
Leanne K.: Yes! Weve got Composters!! Online form at
Recommendation for First Class Waste Services Inc on Facebook
09 Sep 2017

Sandy R.: Does anyone have the number for Corey @First Class Garbage Removal. I've called number in the book and it's been pointless. TIA
Karen C.: I usually just call the main number when I need to adjust my pick-up frequency: 6048232116
Recommendation for Clh Garbage & Refuse Removal on Facebook
29 Dec 2016

Adelaide B.: Looking for a number for someone who will pick up an old dryer for scrap metal thanks in advance
Laura S.: C.L.H Garbage & Refuse Removal does it (604) 309-3228
Recommendation for First Class Waste Services Inc on Facebook
08 Jun 2016

Cecile M.: Can someone give me the First Class phone number? They didn't pick my yard garbage up yesterday.
Betty J.: First Class Waste Services Inc. 6257 Sumas Prairie Road Chilliwack, BC V2R 4N6 Tel: 604.823.2116 Fax: 604.823.4040 Email - info(at)
Recommendation for Ridge Meadows Recycling Depot on Facebook
24 Feb 2016

Christa M.: Hi soon to be neighbors. Can anyone one tell me if the recycling-garbage company supplies the houses with bins or if I need to purchase them prior to moving in. We are moving into our new house at the end of April. I just want to make sure we have everything we need in place. Thanks
Maureen J.: technically the current owners should leave you the recycling bins BUT that may not happen so you may have to go pick some up at Ridgemeadows recycling You will have to arrange for garbage pickup using either Progressive OR Waste Management OR AJM Disposal Prices vary on the garbage pickup so you should call around.
Recommendation for White Rock Return-It Depot on Facebook
29 Jun 2015

Bonnie S.: does anyone know where to get rid of a broken airconditioner
Rick V.: Salvation Army on Redford, or look here

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