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Recommendation for Cbi Health Centre on Facebook
05 Jan 2018

Judith B.: Does anyone have a recommendation for a physio therapist? My Dr. recommended it for sciatia. Thanks in advance. ps. I'm a 72 year old woman.
Becky L.: Give our Physio a try - we have two of the best and they will work with you through an assessment to figure out the best action for treatment. CBI Health Centre PG 250.562.3537
Recommendation for Maple Ridge Physiotherapy & Pain Clinic Inc on Facebook
29 Nov 2017

Brenda D.: Acupuncturist? Has anybody here have a local one to recommend? Thanks
Tana P.: I am currently receiving it from the....
Recommendation for Maple Ridge Physiotherapy & Pain Clinic Inc on Facebook
17 Aug 2017

Freya R.: Hello I am having a very hard time finding a family doctor in my area or even a walk in clinic. I am also in desperate need of physio and massage that accept direct to pay from my lawyer. Any suggestions? I have spoken with public health unit, hospital as well as called a bunch of doctors myself.
Tana P.:
Recommendation for Irving Alan Dr on Facebook
09 Feb 2017

Gagandeep S.: Please recommend us good massage therapists in maple ridge, as we used to go to Westgate wellness, which is closed now. Thanks for your time in advance.
Sandy M.: Langley Rehab & Sports 604 888-1533. They are across the river but easy to find and first-class attitude and professionalism.
Recommendation for Cbi Health Centre on Facebook
30 May 2016

Susan R.: I am looking for ideas for lunch hour presentations on wellness - a lunch and learn sort of deal. Maybe yoga instructors, healthy eating coaches, that kind of idea? Must be bilingual. Do any of you ladies offer this? Thank you!
Carole A.: Jill Stolins Mallory at CBI Health Group
Recommendation for Cbi Health Centre on Facebook
21 Nov 2014

Krista M.: Can anyone recommend a good acupuncturist?? Thanks!
Colette M.: : 1310 5 Ave, Prince George, BC V2L 3L4 Phone:(250) 562-3537
Recommendation for Oasis Rejuvenation Centre & Retreat on Facebook
30 Jan 2014

Robert G.: Anyone of my Facebook friends have a massage therapist they highly recommend? Langley or Abbotsford? Need one BAD!! So many. Hard to choose.
Martin J.: I seen a japanese girl in Mission. Her name is Teresa and she has a retreat in Stave Falls. 604-462-7780. She knows what she is doing.
Recommendation for Cbi Health Centre on Facebook
27 Sep 2013

Chris M.: Anyone in Calgary know a really awesome CHIROPRACTOR?
Chris G.: Scary stuff those chiropractors. These are the people I went to when I had a bulged disc: Physiotherapist | Physiotherapy Clinics Calgary | CBI Health Group - CBI Health Group is a leader in interdisciplinary rehabilitation services and op...erate six full-service physiotherapy clinics in Calgary and the surrounding region, offering patients a full spectrum of physical and medical treatment services.See More
Recommendation for Irving Alan Dr on Facebook
02 Mar 2013

Nyree B.: Ok i need advice. My chiropractor showed me x-rays and my back totally needs some work. But its going to be expensive. Is it worth it? Or are chiropractors fake doctors that just want my money?
Alan P.: Langley Sports & Rehab: Dr. Alan Irving 604-888-1533

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