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Recommendation for Clover Towing on Facebook
21 Aug 2017

Zack D.: Anybody know a tow company that will flatdeck a yota pickup to the sunshine coast from Surrey? Guy I normally use isn't answering his phone
Dave G.: Call Clover 604 513 1900
Mike S.: Clover Towing or Aggressive but either isn't going to be cheap
Recommendation for Dave's Towing on Facebook
09 Sep 2015

Noah P.: looking to get a car towed from mission to Chilliwack... Does anyone have a recommendation as to what company i should go with? and estimates?
Chris R.: Daves towing has always given me the best rates (604) 795-0547
Heidi L.: Dave's towing is fantastic
Taylor E.: Dave's towing
Recommendation for Dave's Towing on Facebook
21 Aug 2015

Kayla B.: Is there any place in town that buys cars for scrap metal and would come pick them up with a tow truck?
Shelley M.: 604-795-0547. Dave's Towing he pays cash.
Recommendation for Dave's Towing on Facebook
09 Jan 2015

Leona P.: Where is the best place to get ride of a used truck that's to the point of no repair? Some place that will give us some $ for it yet.
Clara H.: Dave's towing usually does better then pick a part 604-795-0547

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