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Latest reviews for local Roofing Contractors

Review for On Top Roofing Langley on Whodoyou
11 Mar 2023

Jason is a very nice person, and his prompt response and professional attitude impressed me very much. Highly recommended.
Review for Fraser Valley Roofing Ltd on Whodoyou
26 Sep 2021

I had good experience with Fraser Valley Roofing Ltd, very good, very pleased. Okay.
Review for Busy Boys Roofing Ltd on Whodoyou
10 Jun 2021

We were pretty happy with Busy Boys Roofing Ltd. They left a few nails around though after we had to get them back to clean up the gutters because it was mess.
Review for Busy Boys Roofing Ltd on Whodoyou
08 Jun 2020

Busy Boys Roofing Ltd hasn't done the work yet, so we're just waiting for some dry weather, but so far so good, thanks.
Review for Busy Boys Roofing Ltd on Whodoyou
13 May 2020

I was very happy with Busy Boys Roofing Ltd. They came in a short period of time and. He was got up on the roof and he found out what was wrong and fixed it straight up and it stopped leaking. Next day nothing happened. I was extremely pleased with the service, thank you for calling.
Review for Busy Boys Roofing Ltd on Whodoyou
16 Feb 2020

We were happy with Busy Boys Roofing Ltd, thank you.
Review for Ridge Meadows Roofing on Whodoyou
27 Jan 2020

Ridge Meadows Roofing was great. Did a really good job, friendly and professional. I am very happy.
Review for Williams Roofing & Drainage Ltd on Whodoyou
16 Jan 2020

Hello it's well you're frank Bangkok's residents and yes Frank was very impressed with the work that you did here with our cleaning our gutters and giving us advice it was. Timely done and very professionally done and yes if we have a problem I'm certain we'd be very confident to call you again.
Review for Langley Roofing Co Ltd on Whodoyou
07 Nov 2019

Langley Roofing Co LTD is great.

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