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Review for Toews Sewing & Service on Directory
21 Mar 2023

TOEWS I don’t know about in person or in store. But buying the item through their amazon shop was a nightmare. I rarely will buy 3rd party ship and sold. But for the most part I trust amazon if it’s shipped by them. Even if it’s 3rd party item. But returning was a nightmare. Due to issues with the first machine that arrived. I was seriously considering it was a mistake to buy two expensive machines from a seller I’ve never bought from and have them showing up back to back deliveries. So I made the decision to send one back. Unopened. In fact. It never even came in the house. The box sat outside. From the day it arrived to the day we finally managed to get it shipped back. You would think it should not be that hard. But. $2.06 ups paid pick up 8x each time excuses of truck is full sorry cannot take gets old and irritating super fast. Feb 26 the return started. March 4 is when we finally. Got them to take it back. About $18 in pick up fees (don’t forget it’s only $2 a pick up…. Yeah. For the same 1 item… ridiculous) Finally get ups to take it… now it wants to max out the 5-6 days ground. Find. It tracks back to amazon Monday 13th of March. Guess what day today is? 21st of March. Yep. And credit card was due March 18….. yep so now I’m hit $90 interest as who would pre pay $3500 only to get it refunded and sit as credit on their credit card? And no one expects it to take THIS LONG! Most of this issue if not all. Could have been avoided. If amazon just lets people pick courier. I did try several times to ask for CANADA post label. Anyways. They have now had it 1+ week at amazon warehouse. And yeah they just decided they will take their sweet time to refund. So. I’ve decided to make it my mission. To leave this review everywhere possible. During the time I am being told unreasonably to wait. For a refund that does not need to take this long! It’s a freaking box nearly the size of a dishwasher. Unopened. And the freaking ups barcode is on 5 sides of the box. That’s right. Top. And all 4 sides. I would warn everyone about buying these on Amazon unless they were absolutely sure they will keep it. Nightmare.
Review for Langley Vacuum & Sewing Centre on Whodoyou
21 Oct 2021

I'm is very, very pleased with Langley Vacuum & Sewing Centre. I had a job well done and the gentleman that came was delightful. I will call you again anytime, thank you.
Review for Langley Vacuum & Sewing Centre on Whodoyou
01 Feb 2021

I was very happy with the work that Langley Vacuum & Sewing Centre did on my vacuum and I'd recommend it to anyone. Really happy for the service, thanks once again.
Review for Langley Vacuum & Sewing Centre on Whodoyou
14 Jun 2020

The lady from Langley Vacuum & Sewing Centre I talked to is very helpful, polite and honest. It was something that could be breakable and I can understand not wanting to be responsible for that. Anyway I fixed it myself. Ok, thanks, bye.
Review for Langley Vacuum & Sewing Centre on Whodoyou
25 May 2020

Langley Vacuum & Sewing Centre is Excellent.
Review for Langley Vacuum & Sewing Centre on Whodoyou
16 Feb 2020

My experience with Langley Vacuum & Sewing Centre was absolutely excellent. The owner Rudy is phenomenal! he can fix anything and it's very great service, I would highly recommend it, thank you.
Review for Haney Appliance & Sound Ltd on Whodoyou
21 Oct 2019

Well it's fine except we had to put it in and there was no plug in my place to plug it in so it had to be. Wired In properly. And I guess it's Ok I haven't had much chance to use it yet thank you.
Review for Langley Vacuum & Sewing Centre on Whodoyou
14 Oct 2019

It was actually a very pleasant experience with Langley Vacuum & Sewing Centre, they seemed very knowledgeable. We would deal with them again and it was very pleasant.
Review for Haney Appliance & Sound Ltd on Whodoyou
12 Aug 2019

Yes I just bought one from Trail appliance I was more than pleased with the salesman and the knowledge he had and the things that I required and that he was able to fill up by directing me to the L.G.M. which was fine it's been I haven't really had a chance to use it yet but I'm sure it'll be perfect thank you.

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