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Review for Valleyfair Mall on Directory
27 Jul 2023

The Security in this mall is terrible. They have a false sense of authority and that is not a good thing. I was stopped outside the mall and demanded to show a receipt , I hadn’t even purchased anything! All I have to say is that good lawyers take time, this incident is far from over
Review for Valleyfair Mall on Directory
27 Mar 2023

Terrible experience with the security "manager" who followed me into a restaurant and stood beside me as I tried to pay some cash some debit, after 1 attempt he told me I don't have the money to pay and to leave. I walked to my bank but after such a rude encounter I asked him for his information, he told me his name was Jason and wouldn't identify himself.. hmm some managerial skills right there... He then said to "leave before things get out of hand, I'm serious." He then told me I couldn't walk on the sidewalk and to walk on the road where cars were driving because apparently I am banned for not being able to pay for my meal. I also saw more reviews on Google with this Jason guy causing paying customers grief. Idk who put that guy in charge of managing a mall but he clearly needs some retraining in treating people like decent human beings.
Review for Westgate Centre on Whodoyou
23 Aug 2021

Oh hi, if so yeah, I just love their pizza cuz I always get an extra large and I always get an extra vegetables put on and I share it with my neighbors and it is just absolutely wonderful. So send me some free extra large veggie ones. Thank you. Bye bye.
Review for Windsor Square Shopping Centre on Whodoyou
03 Jun 2021

It's great, I can say enough about it, gene is wonderful. And anyone there and I mean, did I see anyone? Ok whatever. No, it's a great place. They do a good job and you feel like a new person. Thank you. Goodbye.
Review for Valleyfair Mall on Whodoyou
01 Mar 2021

Hi This is Bonnie and I had a really good experience with the teller at work what comes she was very thorough and and informative and. Best service in my view Thank you.
Review for Windsor Square Shopping Centre on Whodoyou
28 Dec 2020

Yes My name is Liz Cooper and I went to the fish your therapy with Gene at your clinic and I'm very pleased with the results I had a sore hip and it's already getting better I've had gene for quite a few years now and it's worked out really well anyway. Thank you.
Review for Windsor Square Shopping Centre on Whodoyou
13 Oct 2020

Excellent service.
Review for Windsor Square Shopping Centre on Whodoyou
07 Sep 2020

Oh hi. Pardon me yes I am going to White Rock orthopedic and I'm going to do early DOMA which I think her name is and I have nothing but positive feedback she is excellent and I would certainly recommend her to anyone else. Yeah I guess that's about it thanks.
Review for Haney Place Mall on Whodoyou
26 Feb 2020

Very much enjoyed my visit everything but he was wonderful and they did a great job and I'm looking forward to going back for my follow up treatment for a couple of fillings I would highly recommend them they're very organized and. Other people. Thank you buddy.

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