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Recommendation for Lids on Facebook
20 Dec 2017

Takca G.: Anyone know where I can purchase a Chicago Blackhawk jacket
Carole L.:
Recommendation for Bob And Cobys Toys And Collectibles on Facebook
24 Dec 2015

Amanda G.: I'm just wondering does anyone know where I can find model cars the ones you build and do yourself? I looked at Walmart today and nothing and really don't want to be running all over town looking for one. Lol. Thanks :)
Maria W.: give these guys a call...maybe they do....and if not they may know where. Bob and Cobys Toys and Collectibles 5725 Vedder Rd (604) 824-0801
Maria W.:
Recommendation for Lids on Facebook
28 Sep 2015

Jennifer T.: Hi , I am hoping someone can help me . We are in search of a certain blue Jays hat that we cannot find anywhere because they are out of stock. Is there anyone that might have some connections and could possibly help us out ? We would be ever so grateful. Thank you
Vincent S.:

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