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Latest reviews for local Taxi Services

Review for Abbotsford Mission Taxi on Directory
02 Apr 2023

The website is all lies they do not deliver they are not a courier they are assholes
Review for Pacific Cabs on Directory
15 Feb 2023

I was assaulted by the driver and I am following through with charging him with assault
Review for Abbotsford Mission Taxi on Directory
16 Nov 2022

I just called for a cab that the ministry of social Development is paying for but was a little late on sending the P.O number. The ignorant dispatcher arrogantly In a aggressive loud voice stated "you can't just charge a ride to whom ever you want. The fair won't be paid for with out a P.O number that we don't have" and angrly hung up the phone. I was appalled and felt so disrespectfed. I was polite to her, it could've been resolved in a classy and collective manner with out being ignorant and closed minded to me trying to get a free ride by charging it to the ministry. I hope she feels embarrassed when the ministry calls her and get the po number to her soon. Quit your day job lady your rude and shouldn't be working there.
Review for Newton Whalley Taxi on Directory
06 Oct 2022

Management and dispatcher services were horrible. Driver was fantastic!
Review for Chilliwack Taxi on Whodoyou
28 Feb 2022

Chilliwack Taxi is pretty good on a scale of 1 to 5, give them a 4 maybe 5 for most cars. Some of them play weird music, but... I would say, actually i give them 5, whatever. Yeah, and that's about it. Have a good day.
Review for Chilliwack Taxi on Whodoyou
13 Jul 2021

My experience with Chilliwack Taxi was just lovely. Very courteous, prompt and helpful. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.
Review for Chilliwack Taxi on Whodoyou
25 May 2021

I had a good experience with Chilliwack Taxi. They were prompt. They took me exactly where I want to go and I'll use them again many times.
Review for Chilliwack Taxi on Whodoyou
20 Apr 2021

I have nothing to complain about Chilliwack Taxi, always here right away. They've always been perfect people to be a taxi drivers. Thank you very much.
Review for Chilliwack Taxi on Whodoyou
03 Apr 2021

Chilliwack Taxi is very well. They're courteous and I will use them again.

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