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Latest reviews for local Tea Shops

Recommendation for Nu-Tea Co Ltd on Facebook
05 Sep 2017

Christine V.: David's Tea stopped carrying my favourite - Earl Grey Rooibos. Does anyone know of somewhere I can buy it?
Maria W.: or here :) http://www.tegaorganictea.com/shop/earl-grey-rooibos-tea/
Recommendation for T'S Once Upon A Tea Leaf on Facebook
15 Dec 2016

Sue B.: Hey neighbours where is the best place to get loose leaf tea? I want quality but don't want to pay a fortune. It's for my mum and I'd like her to be able to get more when she wants.
Tracy C.: https://www.facebook.com/277609012265849 T's/ OnceUponATeaLeaf.com The best!!!! So helpful and a beautiful little store!
Recommendation for Tomes & Tales Used Books on Facebook
29 Jul 2015

Heather B.: Does anybody know of book club in the area? Or would anybody out there like to be in one?
Jessica L.: My friend's bookstore is amazing and they do a monthly book club! https://m.facebook.com/tomesandtales
Recommendation for Serengeti Trading on Facebook
09 Feb 2015

Sarah J.: Does anyone know where I can find this? I've checked Superstore, Walmart, and Save On, I don't know where else to look. I need the vegetable one!
Ma B.: www.serengetionline.com its a south african store that has british dutch canadian products and if you want something special she will bring it in for you a great little store with a great owner worth a try here is the phone no so you can call and ask her 250-277-8051

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