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Review for Ayreborn Audio-Video Inc on Directory
15 Jan 2022

Disappointed! I've made multiple purchases here over the last few years getting good deals on speakers etc. Recently I purchased some martin logan ceiling speakers from Ayeborn Audio-Video. I asked the owner what he would charge me to install them since my house was pre-wired and just needed to cut the hole and attach. He told me $300.00. Visions Electronics had quoted me $50 a speaker but since I got a good deal on the speakers I decided to go with Ayeborn Audio-Video out of loyalty. After installation I received an invoice for over $417.00? They charged me $185.00 for the first hr and $125.00 there after? I find this dishonest when I was quoted a flat rate of $300.00. Why didn't he tell me the rates when I asked? If I would have known that, I would have hooked up the wires myself to the receiver or even gone with another company. They say its a fair price but its double of Visions so I don't think so. I feel like I've been manipulated.. taking my business elsewhere... buyer beware!
Review for Haney Appliance & Sound Ltd on Whodoyou
21 Oct 2019

Well it's fine except we had to put it in and there was no plug in my place to plug it in so it had to be. Wired In properly. And I guess it's Ok I haven't had much chance to use it yet thank you.
Review for Haney Appliance & Sound Ltd on Whodoyou
12 Aug 2019

Yes I just bought one from Trail appliance I was more than pleased with the salesman and the knowledge he had and the things that I required and that he was able to fill up by directing me to the L.G.M. which was fine it's been I haven't really had a chance to use it yet but I'm sure it'll be perfect thank you.
Review for Haney Appliance & Sound Ltd on Whodoyou
17 Apr 2019

Service was prompt they fixed my problem with my element. And they came when I said they would so I was basically happy with the service.
Review for Haney Appliance & Sound Ltd on Whodoyou
31 Aug 2018

Excellent service and excellent follow up service I think you. Are.
Recommendation for Valley Tv & Stereo on Facebook
02 Oct 2017

Aaron T.: My stupid smart tv isnt even very old and it needs to be fixed. Where do I take it?
Chris S.: Valley TV and stereo 6047926713
Recommendation for Valley Tv & Stereo on Facebook
16 Jan 2016

Christy M.: Looking for a place in Chilliwack to have a TV repaired?
Ang G.: valley tv repair? Address: 9401 Fletcher St, Chilliwack, BC V2P 4Z4 Phone:(604) 792-6713
Recommendation for Valley Tv & Stereo on Facebook
09 Sep 2014

Harmen S.: I know Trim doesn't like "where do I find questions," so just for that reason.... Anyone know where to find a cheap tv repair guy?
Tana M.: 604 792-6713, I just called and spoke to a very nice gentleman,as I have an old flat screen in need of repair, he said the mike difficult issue is the retrieval of the parts, mine is a Westinghouse and he said it would cost 50 bucks to just look at it, and go from there.......if this helps

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